Short Term Programs

Short Term Programs

Summer Programs, Winter programs, and Faculty-Led Programs

If you can't get away for a full semester or a full year, short term programs are a great option!

Summer and Winter programs allow you to spend from a few weeks to a whole summer in another country while earning HPU credit. Not only will you have a once in a lifetime experience, but you can also get ahead by taking classes while everyone else is on break. With some programs, like Bond University or some AIFS summer programs, you can get a whole semester's worth of credit over the summer!

Faculty-Led Programs are a unique experience where you can travel while learning from your HPU faculty! Professors lead classes to exciting locations where students can learn and experience at the same time!

Summer and Winter Programs

Exchange Partner School Summer Programs 

Austria- Management Center Innsbruck- May to June - Marketing, International Business, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship, Process Technology and Renewable Energy

China- Hong Kong Baptist University- July 3rd to July 31st- Wide variety of courses including but not limited to Business, Communication, Economics, English, Film, Finance, History, Journalism, Marketing, Religion, Science and Sociology.

China- SILC- 3 weeks in July- Business and Chinese

Denmark- Southern Denmark university2 weeks in August- Learn business, engineering, and science courses in state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms taught by inventors and company/field professionals.

France- ESCE- 3 weeks in July- Certificate programs as the following: Bring out your inner French, Marketing for the 21st Century, International Project Management, French Luxery; Marketing and Management, Introduction to Travel Retail, International Business in the Era of Digital Globalization

France- Skema- One week in July- Finance, Business, Marketing

Germany- Berlin School of Economics and Law- June to July- Business, Business Law, German Language and Culture

Germany- HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management- 2 weeks in June- Business (Graduate Students Only)

Germany- University of Mannheim- 3.5 weeks in June-July- Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Japan- Hokuriku University - 3 weeks in July- Japanese Language and Culture

South Korea- Konkuk University- 2 to 4 weeks in July - Korean History, Korean Language, Business, International Marketing

South Korea- Sogang University- 4 weeks July- Korean Studies Program

Sweden- LInnaeus University Summer Academy- 5 weeks in July-August- Swedish Language, Writing, Art, Communication, Business, Health, Environmental Science, Psychology. This program offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. 

Sweden- Stockholm Business School- 2-6 weeks in July-August- Business, Law

Taiwan- NCCU College of Commerce 2-6 weeks in May - Business Management. * Master students only

UNITED KINGDOM UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX - 2 weeks in July - Business (Economics, Management, Marketing, Business Law), and Computer Science for Data Science £1,485


Affiliated Summer Programs

AIFS Summer Programs- Programs in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Spain covering all subjects including but not limited to Business, Art, Anthropology, Biology, Communications, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Jewish Studies, Design, Engineering, Education, Humanities, Medical Spanish, etc.

**AIFS New Summer Program- Summer 2020 “LGBTQ+ in the UK:  Pride and Prejudice” Program.   This 4-week  travels to London and Amsterdam and examines LGBTQ+ culture and history in the UK, as well as the activism and celebration of LGBTQ+ people throughout Europe. 

CIEE Summer Programs- CIEE also features a wide variety of summer programs with locations all over the globe.

GLobaled- Seville, Spain- GlobalEd offers a summer Spanish language program as well as a variety of summer internship programs where you can study Spanish and get work experience over the summer!

SEA Semester Summer Programs- Get hands on experience on the sea over the summer with programs including but not limited to Biodiversity, Climate Change, Conservation/Management, Environmental Policy, Environmental Studies/Science, Leadership, Marine Science, Sustainability, etc. 

SIT Summer Programs- Field-based programs in Argentina, China, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Morocco, Nepal, Panama, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Uganda and Rwanda with programs including but not limited to Art, Social Sciences, Health and Medicine, Renewable Resources, Food, Nutrition, Architecture, Arabic Studies, Geoscience, Marine Ecology, Education and Social Change, International Studies, Diplomacy, etc. 

TEAN Summer Programs- Programs in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea with a variety of subjects available including but not limited to Sports and Recreation, Rugby, Chinese Language and Culture, Business, Anthropology, International Studies, Wildlife and Conservation, etc.

Exchange Partner School Winter Programs

Konkuk University- 1 week in December - Korean Language and Culture

Affiliated Winter Programs

AIFS in Ecuador- Galapagos Islands

Faculty-Led Winter Programs

INTR 3933 Contemporary Nations: Cambodia- See Below

Faculty-Led Programs


Winter break

INTR 3933 Contemporary Nations: Cambodia

Spend 3 weeks exploring the history, politics, economy and culture of Cambodia while earning HPU credit!

For More information, Contact Study Abroad or:

Dr. Primm -

Check out the video above created by an HPU student who went on the trip!



INTR 3933 Contemporary Nations: Thailand

Spend 3 weeks exploring the history, politics, economy, and culture of Thailand while earning HPU credit! This class also includes a volunteer experience with the program in the video above.

For More information, Contact Study Abroad or:

Dr. Primm -

Check out the video above created by an HPU student who went on the trip!





Spend 3 weeks exploring San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands to explore sustainable devlopment, conservation, and approaches to ecosystems management while earning HPU credit!

For More information, Contact Study Abroad or:

Dr. Burke -




Spring Break

ARTH 3811: Experiencing Japanese Culture

Experience Japanese art and culture through a critical study of how the traditional forms are represented in popular culture, including those surrounding us on a daily basis.

This is a semester-long course with a trip to Japan over Spring Break.

For more information contact Study Abroad or:

Dr. Kameda-Madar -


Thanksgiving Break

ENVS 1030: Tropical Ecology and Sustainability

Experience tropical environmental systems and sustainability through a field trip to one of the Hawaiian Islands. This course qualifies as a Sustainable World Gen-Ed requirement.

For more information contact Study Abroad or:

Dr. Andrew Greene-

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