You can stay involved even without leaving your home through Hawai‘i Pacific University Alumni Directory online. As you explore the site, you will discover and learn about the many alumni-only benefits the University offers in your quest for lifelong learning and showing your Sharks Pride. HPU provides more than 40,000 alumni with programming and events that advance our core mission – to serve all alumni by connecting them to the University and each other, today and throughout their lives.

There is no better way to keep those memories and that meaning alive than by actively being a part of the Hawai‘i Pacific University Alumni Program. I encourage you to connect with each other, give back to the University and current students, and take advantage of the opportunities HPU continues to offer.

Vice President
University Relations

We want to keep in touch—please advise us of address changes and any suggestions on how we can improve our services. Remember to share your post-grad adventures with us!

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