Student Success

HPU is committed to excellence in student achievement. By employing innovative teaching and learning strategies and experiential approaches rooted in our tropical island community, we ensure that our students cultivate the knowledge, skills, and values that are expected of all educated citizens. We provide them with a liberal arts foundation set in the rich cultural context of Hawaii‘i by offering diverse courses outside the major that inspire lifelong learning and introduce students to ideas, perspectives, and experiences relevant to their lives. We also prepare them for the unique challenges and opportunities of the 21st century by offering courses within the major that facilitate the learning and mastery of the concepts, theories, and methods of their chosen disciplines. Finally, we encourage engagement in the HPU and local community by providing a rich array of co-curricular activities that shine a spotlight on our unique cultural traditions, exquisite natural surroundings, and wondrous spirit of aloha.

How do help our students achieve success?

Our enriching and life changing co-curricular experiences.



HOw do we assess student learning?

Our academic program review and assessment efforts to promote student learning and institutional effectiveness.

how do we track our students' progress?

Our record of continuing and graduating students. 

what do our students learn?

Our broad expectations for what our HPU Graduates know and are able to do.

what do our students learn in their degree programs?

Our specific expectations for what our HPU Graduates know and are able to do upon completion of their academic degree program.

how do we prepare our students for their careers?

Resources for the college-to-career transition

How do we celebrate our students' learning?

The Capstone Symposium is an annual event at Hawaii Pacific Univerisity to promote academic excellence, learning with real-world purposes, interdisciplinary exchanges, and HPU-community connections.