Hawai‘i Pacific University Brand

Hawai‘i Pacific University Brand

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HPU faculty and staff: Use this form to submit a creative request to the HPU Communications and Marketing team. For most projects, please submit your request at least two weeks in advance of when you need it.

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Communications & Marketing

The University's Communications and Marketing team serves as a strategic partner in elevating and maintaining HPU's brand. To contact the department, please email marcomm@hpu.edu

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Who we are and how audiences see HPU are up to each of us, the University’s communicators. Although we have different stories to convey to different people, we must speak as one. But it’s more than what we say, it’s also what we show, how we present ourselves to the world.

Visual Language

We use imagery to dramatize and communicate our unique story.

Job Opportunities

Our Marketing & Communications team provides current HPU students the opportunity to build their resumes with real-world work experience. We are currently seeking undergraduate and graduate student candidates!

HPU's Brand Story

Our visual elements reflect our core mission, our core values and most importantly, our long-standing and deep ties to the ‘aina and our local culture. Legendary Hawaiian artist and storyteller Sig Zane developed our logo – an image that is truly reflective of our institution and our ties to Hawai‘i.


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