Student and Faculty Resources

Student Resources

College of Business

Business Administration

Undergraduate Business Administration

Dr. Mark Rosenbaum (


Graduate Business Administration

Dr. Noelia Paez Huaroto (


Graduate Business Analytics/Info Systems

Dr. Ghazwan Hassna (

 School of nursing

Department of Nursing

Nursing Majors & Graduate Nursing

Dr. Edna Magpantay-Monroe (


Department of public health

Undergraduate & Graduate Public Health

Dr. Jayne Smitten (



College of Liberal Arts

Department of Communication & media

Undergraduate Communication Studies/Practices.

Dr. John Hart (


Graduate Strategic Communication

Dr. Lisa Chuang (


Multimedia Cinematic Production

Dr. Peter Britos (


Department of Arts, Humanities, & Languages

Arts & Markets

Dr. Teresa McCreary (



Dr. Charles Boyer (


Department of psychology

Undergraduate Psychology

Dr. Andrew Dewald (


Docorate Clinical Psychology

Dr. Vincent Tsushima (


Department of Social Work

Undergraduate Social Work

Dr. Vince Okada-Coelho (


Graduate Social Work

Dr. Danielle Giroux (




Department of Applied Linguistics

English Majors

Dr. Christy Williams (


Undergraduate TESOL

Dr. Ann Tai (


Graduate TESOL

Dr. Hanh Nguyen (


Department of History & International RelATIONS

International Studies

Dr. Andrea Malji (


Dr. Douglas Askman (


Political Science

Dr. Ngoc Phan (


Undergraduate and Graduate DMS

Dr. Russell Hart (


Graduate Sustainability

Dr. Serge Marek (





College of Professional Studies

Department of Public Service

Undergraduate and Graduate Criminal Justice

Sheryl Sunia (


Human Resource Development

Dr. Tom Stetz (


 Undergraduate and Graduate Public Administration

Sheryl Sunia (



School of Education

Undergraduate and Graduate Education

Roger Kiyomura (


Graduate Organizational Development & Change

Dr. Ken Rossi (

College of Natural & Computational Sciences

Department of Engineering

Computer Science

Dr. Strewart Craford ( or Mary Smith (


Engineering- Biomedical, Biotechnology, Electrical

 Dr. Suketu Naik (


Department of Mathematics

Mathematics- Applied Math, Math Education, Pure Math

Dr. Randolph Goldman (


Department of Natural Sciences

Biochemistry, Chemistry, & Physcial Sciences

Christine Morales (


Biology & Pre-Medical Studies 

Allison Bachlet (


Oceanography & Marine Biology

Brenda Jensen (



Environmental Science & Environmental Studies

Dr. Regina Ostergaard-Klem (




Below are some resources you can use to look for flights and accommodations. Please note that these sites are not endorsed by HPU in any way, they are just some things past students have found helpful.


  • Student Universe - Discounted flights and hotel prices and discount codes for students
  • Sky Scanner - Flights
  • Lonely Planet- Online guidebook
  • STEP - Register your trip with the US State Department to get travel warnings and other important information while abroad

STA Travel- HPU Student Website

  • Students can get great deals through STA travel,

  • Students can reserve a ticket and pay later, and get an international student ID card through this site

Tools for searching for housing and travel

  • Erasmus Boards- type "name of city Erasmus" into Google to see student boards for exchange students within Europe
  • Facebook Groups- Search Facebook groups for the university, location, or program where you are going.

Travel Information and Tips

If you need to purchase international Health Insurance for your time abroad, please see the recommendations below. 

  • Check to see if you're already covered. You can call your current insurance provider to see if you have international coverage. If you do have international coverage, you will want to see what it covers to make sure you will have adequate coverage while abroad. You can also purchase supplemental International Health Insurance to go along with your current coverage.
  • Check to see what the national insurance is in the country you are going to and see if you can enroll in that system for the time you're abroad.
  • CISI Upgraded Comprehensive Plan- If you need to purchase International Health Insurance, this is a great plan to make sure you are fully covered.

Please note that some schools or programs provide health insurance to their participants and you will want to check with your Study Abroad Advisor before purchasing insurance.

To begin researching what is necessary to apply for your visa:

  • Check the website of the consulate where you would like to apply for your visa. You can generally find this information with an Internet search such as "Thai consulate Hawaii"
  • Keep in mind the visa process can take several months and may cost a few hundred dollars. We recommend starting this process as soon as possible to ensure you are able to get your visa in time for your study abroad experience.
    • Even if you have not yet received your acceptance letter to apply for your visa, you can research what other materials you will need to apply to be sure they are prepared in time for you to apply.
    • For example, they may ask for a background check that can take 10-12 weeks to complete, you may need to make an appointment several months in advance, or other requirements that can take time.
    • The requirements will vary depending on the country and the location of the consulate you plan to apply at so be sure to research the specific requirements for your visa.
  • NAFSA: Association for International Educators has a great resource for country specific information on applying for a student visa

Check out these helpful diversity resources to support diverse students while studying abroad!

  • Diversity and Inclusion Abroad Guide
    • Find a lot of useful information about all different types of students studying abroad including Racial & Ethnic Minority Students, Economically Disadvantaged Students, Heritage Seekers, First Generation Students, LGTBQ Students, Woman Abroad, Students with Disabilities, Religious Diversity Student or Adults Abroad.

Faculty Resources

AIFS Richmond summer Visiting Faculty fellowship Program

The HPU Study Abroad & International Exchange Programs Office is excited to offer one faculty per year to participate in the Richmond Summer Visiting Faculty Fellowship Program.

Program Details

  • The program is designed to provide research opportunities for faculty, strengthen best practice in teaching, and enhance the relationship between the university and its partners.
  • Fellows are expected to take up their fellowship during Richmond’s Summer 1 Period and are responsible for obtaining and financing their transport to London and within the city.
  • Visiting Fellow are provided with accommodations and meals for two weeks at Richmond, The American International University in London. If fellows choose to bring their partner, accommodation will be free for the partner, and s/he will have to pay for their meals.
  • Where possible Visiting Fellows will be asked to give a guest lecture in at least one summer class gratis and attend a one-day informal symposium with other successful Visiting Fellows and Richmond faculty to discuss their research. Visiting Fellows are also asked to acknowledge Richmond the American International University in London in any publications which derive from the fellowship and to provide the university’s library with a hard copy of said publication.

Application Process and Requirements:

  • Applications are due to the HPU Study Abroad Office in February 
  • Please contact Melissa Matsubara, Director of Study Abroad, for more details



Essex International Visiting Fellowship Programmed

The HPU Study Abroad & International Exchange Programs Office is excited to offer the Short-stay Essex International Visiting Fellow

Program Details

  • The program is designed to provide researchers based outside the UK with a excellent pathway to undertake research at the Univeristy of Essex
  • Students and graduates (e.g. undergraduate/ graduate students, Masters, PhD and post-doctoral students) are NOT eligible
  • International Visiting Fellows applications must be supported by a senior Essex academic 
  • Visiting Fellows will contribute to a wider activity at the University, engaging a wide cross- section of research community
  • This progamme includes: economy airfare from nominated home airport to a London based airport and return from London to the nominated home airport. Self- catering accommodation, including cost of utilities and contribution of subsistence (£100 per week)

Application Process and Requirements:

  • Applications are due to the HPU Study Abroad Office in September
  • Please contact Melissa Matsubara, Director of Study Abroad, for more details




7th International Staff Training Week organized by the International Office at FH Salzburg/Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS).

Program Details

  • The programme focuses on diversity, (effective) teaching in English and blended learning and online education. 

  • The programme particularly addresses teaching staff members from partner institutions & teaching staff members from FH Salzburg 

  • The program can accept two sign-ups per institution

  • The participation fee of 175 EUR and this covers all workshops, welcome dinner, coffe breaks and cultural events (labs visit etc). Travel costs, meals (if not indicated in the programme) and accommodation have to be covered by the participant

Application Process and Requirements:

  • Applications are due to the HPU Study Abroad Office in no later than February 7th, 2020
  • Please contact Melissa Matsubara, Director of Study Abroad, for more details



Please contact Melissa Matsubara, Director of Study Abroad, for more details

Faculty Abroad!

Dr. Regina Ostergaard-Klem and 3 coal miners in Hebei, China.

Dr. Regina Ostergaard-Klem traveled to China for the CIEE Seminar: Exploring Environmental, Cultural, and Economic Sustainability in China's Rural and Urban Landscapes


Dr. Christian Gloria stands with nurses and medical staff at a hospital in a semi-remote village in Laos

Dr. Christian T. Gloria traveled to Laos and Thailand for the CIEE Seminar: Approaches to Healthcare in Thailand & Laos: Successes and Challenges

Group of students and a monk praying in a Cambodian temple

Dr. James Primm takes students to Cambodia every winter and to Thailand every summer for an INTR course where students learn about the history and culture of the location while they volunteer and travel through the country.