• HPU has an exchange partner school in South Africa for graduate students
  • AIFS also offers a program in South Africa for undergraduate students
  • CIEE offers programs in Botswana, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania
  • SIT offers programs in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Uganda

Partner Schools in Africa

South Africa- University of Capetown Graduate School of Business (Graduate)

Cape Town University’s Graduate School of Business is located in the center of one of Cape Town’s main tourist attractions, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. The courses offered to exchange students stem from business-oriented programs such as their MBA program, Executive MBA, PDBA (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration), and AIM (Associates in Management), among others. Because of the school’s focus on business, GSB is recommended for students with a business background and/or are pursuing a business-related degree.


Academics and Classes 
Areas of Study: MBA Core and Business MBA Elective Courses
Course Search: MBA Courses
Credits: Full time courseload= 3-4 classes

Program Dates
Fall Term (Term 4): January to April
Spring Term (Term 1): October to December
Academic Calendar: See website for dates

Application Deadlines
You must complete the HPU Study Abroad application AND the application for the host university or program.
HPU Study Abroad Application Process, Requirements, and Deadlines
University of Capetown Application Deadline: Contact HPU Study Abroad for more information



This is an exchange partner school. Students will pay their regular tuition directly to HPU using any financial aid, scholarships. Housing and other costs are arranged separately.

Affiliated Programs in Africa

Student Experiences in Africa

Esther Smith

B.A. International Relations

SIT Rwanda: Post-genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding Spring 2013

"Although my time there was short and limited, I experienced a country filled with fascinating contradictions regarding reconciliation, democracy, economic development, and religious participation. Rwanda has a rich cultural heritage that includes a uniform language, shared religions, an ethic of community service, and beautiful, traditional arts and crafts. I was always astounded by the incredible friendliness of new acquaintances and their generosity when I desperately needed directions or a translator."

Leissan Sadykova

M.A. Diplomacy and Military Studies

SIT: Uganda Post Conflict Transformation Fall 2014

"Near the end of the semester, I had an opportunity to intern with the World Health Organization’s regional office in Gulu, Uganda. Through this internship, I spent one week visiting health centers within the Gulu District. This is also where I found my passion. I wanted to help the health centers in the rural areas provide the best care possible to their constituents. 
Through the hardships and second-guessing, committing to studying abroad in Uganda and gaining as much as I could from the experience, contributed to a lot of personal growth.  You are taken out of your normal environment and are living in an area and people completely different from that which you are used to. You can’t help but grow."

Sanna Strand

B.A. International Studies

SIT: Multiculturalism & Human Rights, South Africa Fall 2014

"Before I went to South Africa I was really nervous about the homestays and living in the homes of strangers, but looking back, it was the best part of my study abroad experience! How can you better experience the local culture and customs than by living with local people? I am still amazed by the love and kindness these people showed us. Many of them does not have a lot and they do by no means live a life of abundance, but they still open their homes to foreign students twice a year just to show us how they live and teach us about their culture. When I talked to my host families about why they started hosting they said that they enjoyed meeting new people from around the world, and that they learn from us as well. I am just so amazed by what these people do to make us have the best experience and to learn as much as possible. Without these people my study abroad experience would be something completely different." 


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