New Students

Business Office Basics for New Students

Students are FINANCIALLY responsible for their balances:

  • As a student, you are responsible for promptly paying any charges owed to the university related to your attendance. This is true even if a third party, such as a parent, grandparent, or benefits provider (such as your employer, the U. S. Department of Defense, or Veteran’s Administration) is planning to pay your tuition. Even if you expect financial aid to fully cover your bill, it is still your responsibility to ensure your balance is fully paid. If any of these plans fall through, the cost of tuition, fees, and any other charges is your responsibility to cover.
  • All students will be presented with and required to accept the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement at the beginning of each semester when they log into the myHPU portal.


  • Like many universities, HPU allows students to drop or withdraw any and all courses for any reason up to the date posted in the Academic Calendar (usually just about a week after classes start) and receive a 100% credit for tuition and fees owed (Housing cancelation and meal plan charges may apply, if you signed an HPU Housing contract).
  • If you are unable to attend for any reason, it is up to you to drop your courses.  The only way to get a 100% credit of your tuition and mandatory fee charges is to drop your courses by the add/drop deadline posted in HPU’sAcademic Calendar. If you remain registered past the add/drop deadline, you are no longer eligible for a 100% credit, and you will still have to pay HPU for classes you are not taking at either 50%, 75%, or 100% of the cost depending on the date you withdraw or drop your classes.

hpu and student privacy - unless you grant permission, hpu cannot discuss your account with your parent or family member: 

  • HPU is required by U.S. federal law to protect student privacy. This means we cannot discuss the details of your account with anyone, including your parent, without your express permission (provided to HPU via a specific form), even to help them pay your bill. You as the student, however, can grant HPU authorization to speak with a specific person, and you can even add them as an Authorized User to view and pay your financial account. Click the button below for more information!

I want to add my parent or family member to view and pay my account balance. 

Add your parent or family member as a Payer (Authorized User) if you would like them to be able to view your eBill Statements, monitor your financial status, make payments on your behalf, and more. Visit this page for more information and instructions.

  • REMEMBER! Granting someone access to view and pay your account does not mean HPU staff can speak with that parent. HPU staff are required to protect student privacy under U.S law.  

I want to authorize HPU to speak with my parent or family member about my account.

Under FERPA, a U. S. law, adding an authorized user to a student's payment portal does not mean HPU staff can talk with your family member about a student account. We are required to protect your privacy.  More information on FERPA, including how to submit a form to allow HPU to speak directly with a parent, family member, or other individual on your behalf, is available on the Registrar's Office FERPA webpage.

How much do I owe? View your account details (tuition, fee, housing, meal plan, and other charges) and your overall balance within your Payment Portal. Log into the myHPU portal, then click the Business & Payments icon in the Student QuickLaunch section. Balances change before and during the semester based upon registration changes, changes to your aid, and more. Check your balance frequently. Review the Business Office's eBill Statement and Payment Portal page for more, and review the Business Office's Tuition Payment Calculator page for a tutorial on knowing how much to pay if charges and aid are still pending. 

  • Does HPU bill for the entire academic year, or each semester? HPU creates charges for students for each 16-week semester. Bills are first available about 6 weeks before the semester begins, if the student is registered. Payment plans are also offered on a semester-by-semester basis. 
  • What if my scholarship, loan, Veterans' benefits, etc. are missing? Click the buttons below for more information.
    • TIP! Remember, eBill Statements only show what your account balance was as of the date the statement was generated. Check your Activity Details in the Payment Portal for up-to-date information that might include these missing scholarships, loans, etc! 

Missing Scholarship, Loan, Grant, etc:

If an expected financial aid, scholarship, loan, grant, etc. is not on your account, the first step is to ensure you have completed all requirements to have the amount post to their account.

  1. If you are not enrolled as a full-time student (12 hours for undergraduate students, 9 hours for graduate students), your scholarships may not be reflected. Ensure you have met all requirements to be registered as a full-time student.
  2. If you have outstanding tasks to complete in your Financial Aid portal, your loans and aid may not be reflected. For example, you may need to accept an offered award or loan, you may need to complete an Athletics scholarship form, or you or your parent may need to complete a Master Promissory Note or Loan Entrance Counseling. Visit your myHPU portal, then click on “Financial Aid” to see if you have any outstanding requirements.
  3. If you are expecting active-duty military or veteran’s benefits, you must complete steps listed on the Military Campus Programs website.
  4. If you are expecting other discounts or benefits, ensure you have met the requirements for those discounts to apply.

Once all requirements have been met, allow several weeks for HPU offices to process the documents. Check your payment portal frequently for the amounts to post, and monitor your email for any requests for additional information or updates.

If you have completed all requirements and have allowed 1-2 weeks for processing and the amounts are still not on your account, contact the appropriate office as shown here, (include your HPU student ID, beginning with an “@” symbol):

  • Missing International Visiting Student Scholarship: contact Student Accounts at  
  • Missing Scholarships, Loans, Grants: contact Financial Aid at
  • Missing Veteran’s Benefits: contact 
  • Missing Active-Duty Military Tuition Scholarships and/or Tuition Assistance (TA): contact your Base Advisor, or, if you do not have their contact information, contact
  • Missing Partnership Discount, employer payment, or other miscellaneous credit or discount: contact Student Accounts at