Hawaii Pacific University’s Center for Academic Success provides invigilators to proctor exams, certifications, and professional licensure assessments regardless of university or organization affiliation. As a full-service testing center, we support both paper-based and electronic assessments.

Any person whose university or organization requires supervised computer or paper-based exams may set an appointment for a proctoring session.

This service is not for students taking classes with HPU. Professors supervise their students during a class examination.

1. Set an Appointment

All proctoring sessions are by appointment. Our site does not support walk-in or on-demand testing. Appointments are made by emailing The respondent works directly with the candidate in questions to determine a suitable date and time. Please be aware that we operate on a first come, first serve basis; a particular day and time may not be available.

Our office operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Proctoring services are not offered on weekends and both State and Federal holidays.


2.Contact your university

Your university/organization may requires forms or other documents to be completed or submitted. It is not the test center’s responsibility to determine the requirements of your exam.


$20 is assessed for the first hour and $5/15 minute increments thereafter



$10 is assessed for the first hour and $2.50/15 minute increments thereafter.


Additional fees

If the mailing of any physical documents is required, $10 is added to the proctoring charge to cover courier shipping. Express services are available at additional cost. Please contact for more information


Forms of payment

The center will not produce change. Candidates are encouraged to pay by check, or credit/debit card (MasterCard and Visa only).

Proctoring payment amounts are determine after proctoring session ends. You are not billed for unused time.

  1. Valid government-issued identification with a photograph and signature
  2. Notes, books, and equipment (calculator, rulers, etc.). as allowed by examination rules

Pencils and scratch paper, if allowed, will be provided by the center.

Note: Wallets, keys, smartphone and other electronic devices, and other belongings not pertaining to the exam will not be allowed into the examination room. Plastic bins will be provided to store your items for the duration of the exam session.

The testing site is located on the downtown campus in Waterfront Plaza at 500 Ala Moana Boulevard, Building 6, Suite 440.



Waterfront Plaza maintains a parking structure accessible from Pohukaina Street. Please be aware that our office does not have validation privileges.


A number of private and municipal garages and lots surround the downtown campus. Major bus routes are near the campus.