Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides free, individualized tutoring assistance to all registered HPU undergraduate and graduate students.

To support students now learning online and in-person, virtual tutoring is available to students enrolled at all Hawaii Pacific University campuses. 

Students can also come for tutoring on a voluntary walk-in basis or may be referred by an instructor. Because the sessions are designed to meet individual needs, tutoring is generally conducted in one-on-one and small group sessions.

Additionally, many make use of our computer-assisted tutoring. The tutoring services have proven effective at all levels of learning, from beginners to advanced, in writing, modern languages, math, science, business, and approximately one hundred other courses.

Virtual tutoring appointments are available and may be made via walk-in, phone call (808) 544-9334, or by emailing tutoring@my.hpu.edu / signinasst@my.hpu.edu.

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