DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs) are online exams available to adults who are returning to school to obtain a degree or who need evidence of acquired knowledge in specific areas of study, knowledge usually gained in the workplace or through independent study. While our testing center does deliver exams to the general public, HPU students must consult with their academic advisor first.  Military personnel should meet with an on-base advisor for information regarding eligibility and registration procedures. The downtown campus administers one session once a month, on a Saturday, at 9:00 AM.


Students attending the Military campus may sit for the DSST at an on-base National Testing Center.

Select National Testing Centers are operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact Shawna Kim for more information.  

DSST exams are currently being offered on the downtown campus.

Most exams you pass will earn three credits at HPU. A few of them will earn six or more credits. First, consult your academic advisor regarding which exam(s) to take. At HPU, a maximum of 36 credits may be earned through credit-by-exam options. However, please consult with your academic advisor to determine eligibility.

HPU CLEP and DSST Articulation List

We recommend that candidates attending other universities, colleges, or organizations consult their respective institutions to determine exam-to-course equivalencies, credit schemes, and policies.

1. A schedule of exam dates and times is available in the Registration Portal.  Schedule your exam prior to completing the remaining steps.

2. Remit a $20 (HPU student) or $35 (non-HPU student) service fee through HPU’s Online Payment System (credit/debit card) or the Business Office (check and US fiat money) at Waterfront Plaza, 500 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite 5A.  Please bring the confirmation email or receipt with you to the testing session.

3. On the day of the exam, you will remit $85 through debit/credit card to Prometric to cover the testing charge.  Please note that the testing charge are determined by Prometric and subject to change without notice.

You must register at least two days before testing. Seating is limited.

Exam fee is $100 per exam.

HPU's service fee is $20 per exam for HPU students and $35 for non-HPU candidates. THIS SERVICE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Please make out your service fee check to "Hawai'i Pacific University."

The EXAM FEE must be paid by credit/debit card at the test center prior to the start of your exam. However, credit/debit cards, checks, and money orders are accepted for the HPU SERVICE FEE at the business office.

If you cannot make your exam, please email assessment@hpu.edu when you know you will miss an exam.

Bring your service fee receipt and one form of government-issued ID to the exam. Please keep your receipt in a secure place until exam day.  Test proctors may refuse admittance to those without the receipt and/or ID. Do not bring smart phones, smart watches or wearable technology; calculators; dictionaries; or other aids.

With the exception of the second part of "Principles of Public Speaking," which allows 20 minutes, each exam is 120 minutes.  Please allow several minutes before and after your exam for registration and closing procedures.

Exam fact sheets and test preparation information are available on Prometric’s DSST site.  Retail bookstores and libraries may carry subject-specific study guides. HPU does not endorse or recommend any particular guide.

Your profile will ask for the college DSST code of the institution you wish to send your transcript to.  While the proctor may be able to assist you with locating your institution’s code, not all colleges, universities, and organizations have one.  Students are encouraged to contact their receiving institution prior to the exam date to confirm their DSST code or by searching the database provided on Prometric’s DSST site.