YOU@HPU: Succeed, Thrive and Matter

YOU.HPU.EDU: Personalized Online Tools and Resources


Need help navigating the ups and downs of college life? Let YOU help you.

YOU.HPU.EDU is a path to self-exploration that connects students to personalized resources, whenever and wherever, to help them make the most of their college experience and to support their goals to Succeed, Thrive and Matter. Students can assess and expand on their lifestyle in a way that captures their health, sense of purpose and life trajectory. Based on input from the student, the portal shuffles its cards in order to serve the most relevant content for each, unique student.

The YOU Portal serves students the right resources at the right time, so they are better able to deal with the issues and life events that occur in college. As the first of its kind on college campuses, YOU emphasizes individual well-being and self-awareness in order to connect students to information, campus resources, peers and opportunities - whenever they need it. With this web portal, students: 

  • Succeed: Discover tools to support your academic and professional success.
  • Thrive: Learn ways to nurture your well-being to help manage the stress of college.
  • Matter: Explore options to find community and awaken your passions. 

Get started today by going to YOU.HPU.EDU and entering your HPU username and password. The web portal prioritizes privacy so students can be honest and feel safe exploring. Students, faculty and staff have access this web portal.