MS Marine Science Concurrent Registration

MS Marine Science Concurrent Registration

Undergraduate students who meet eligibility requirements make take up to 4 graduate courses (12 graduate credits) that can be used toward baccalaureate degree requirements.   

Students specifically interested in pursuing an MS Marine Science degree who apply and are accepted to the MSMS program within 1 year of completing their baccalaureate degree may then apply (up to) 12 graduate credits toward their graduate degree.  Because a typical graduate full-time semester is 9 credits, this allows students to save more than a semester toward their MS degree. 

For BS Marine Biology and BS Oceanography students, some typical graduate course substitutions are listed below.  Please discuss options with your faculty advisor and the MSMS Graduate Program Director (Dr. Olivia Nigro) to ensure proper course sequencing.



MARS 6050 Marine Ecology

MARS 4050 Marine Ecology

MARS 6060 Geological Oceanography

MARS 4060 Geological Oceanography

MARS 6070 Chemical Oceanography

MARS 4070 Chemical Oceanography

MARS 6080 Physical Oceanography

MARS 4080 Physical Oceanography

MARS 6090 Biological Oceanography

MARS 4090 Biological Oceanography

MARS 6030 Marine Mammal Biology

MARS 4030 Marine Mammal Biology

MARS 6120 Coral Reef Ecology

MARS 6120 Coral Reef Ecology

NSCI 6110 Graduate Seminar 1 and NSCI 6112 Graduate Seminar II

MARS 4910 Marine Biology Senior Seminar or MARS 4920 Oceanography Senior Seminar


For more information about applying to the Marine Science Concurrent Program, please contact