MSMS Concurrent Programs

Undergraduate students who meet the eligibility requirements of the Concurrent Program make take up to 12 credits of the graduate courses in table below. These courses will serve as substitutes for the corresponding undergraduate course in table and be counted toward both the completion of their undergraduate degree and the beginning of the Marine Science (M.S.) degree.



BIOL 6090

BIOL 4090

MARS 6050

MARS 4050

MARS 6060

MARS 4060

MARS 6070

MARS 4070

MARS 6080

MARS 4080

MARS 6090

MARS 4090

MARS 6030

MARS 4030

NSCI 6110, 6112 and NSCI 6900

MARS 4910 or 4920

Concurrent students planning to join the MSMS-T (thesis) track may take NSCI 6110 (2 credits) in Fall and NSCI 6112 (1 credit) in Spring AND NSCI 6900 for 1 semester at 1 credit.

Concurrent students planning to join the MSMS-A (non-thesis) applied track may take NSCI 6110 in Fall. NSCI 6112 and NSCI 6900 are not required for MSMS-A track.

Concurrent students interested in the MSMS-T option are required to find a MSMS faculty member who agrees to serve as their faculty advisor before applying for concurrent status. MSMS-A concurrent students will be advised by the MSMS Program Director.


For more information about applying to the Marine Science Concurrent Program, please contact