Community Living

Community Living

Moving into the residence halls when you start college is an exciting experience. New room, new school, new friends, new roommate… everything screams of promise and potential.

But there is a lot to consider when moving into a new environment. Below are a few things we want you to think about before joining us:



The nature of living on a college campus will always lend itself to be a bit on the noisy side, which is why we require that the noise level drop significantly after a certain time. Your Community Advisors (CAs) will communicate these expectations with you around move-in. It’s a general expectation that, while you enjoy your living experience, there is a focus on providing a living environment that is conducive to academic success.



Moving into a new apartment or residence hall room means you’ll be living with a new person who may have very different expectations about what “clean” looks like. Our Housing and Residence Life staff will provide you with a roommate or suitemate agreement so you can have some of those difficult conversations early. That way everyone learns how to chip in, as well as compromise, to make sure that the room or apartment is a space each residence can enjoy.



Because you live in a shared space, it is a requirement that you get pre-approval if you plan to have guests stay over. This means that your roommate or suitemates will need to sign off on you having someone stay overnight in your room. We have this policy in place to make sure everyone feels that their space and privacy are respected. Housing and Residence Life staff will talk more about the guest policy when you move-in.


Regardless of the issue, it’s important to remember that you’re moving into an environment that will challenge you to think about others when making decisions. HPU is quite a diverse place, and that diversity will also translate into very different home-life backgrounds. Please make sure you’re considerate of others, willing to have open dialogue about expectations and able to compromise so everyone can enjoy the space.

We hope you love your experience living with us at Hawai'i Pacific University!

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