HPU | OLAP Micro Tech Talks

Micro Tech Talks

Session Recordings and Resource Links

The Online Learning and Academic Partnerships team presents 15-minute micro sessions to share one educational technology topic at a time, along with the pedagogy / andragogy that informs our choice to use it, or not. Attendees have the opportunity to spend an additional 15 minutes asking questions and trying the tools themselves.

Below you will find the recordings and resources emailed to attendees following the sessions.

AI Design Assistant in Blackboard Ultra



Canva Mind Maps

Blackboard Ally Alternative Formats

Blackboard Ally Accessibility Indicators


Instructions for students

  1. Select the Panopto link in the course navigation bar
  2. Select "+ Create" to record or upload a video (if you do not see "+ Create" select the Panopto assignment sub-folder)
  3. Return to this assignment and select Create Submission
  4. Select "…" to expand the text editor options
  5. Select "+" and choose Panopto Student Video Submission
  6. Select your video
  7. Select Submit

General Workflow


  1. Determine assessments
  2. Assign assessment point values
  3. Organize assessments into categories
  4. Determine category weights


  1. Add assessments with point values (items will appear in Grade Center and My Grades)
  2. Create the grade center categories
  3. Assign assessments to categories
  4. Add categories to weighted column and assign percentages


  • Sample embed code: <iframe width="100%" height="600" src="[enter permanent URL]"></iframe>


Step-by-step embedding instructions


Embed a YouTube video in Blackboard

  1. In YouTube, Click on Share below the video
  2. Click on Embed ("<>")
  3. Click on Copy
  4. Go to the text editor in your Blackboard course
  5. Click on Source Code ("<>")
  6. Paste the copied embed code
  7. Click on Save and view the embedded item (video, app, doc, ect.)
  8. Click on Submit to view on your Blackboard course page


Embed a Panopto video in Blackboard

  1. In Panopto, hover over your video and click on Share
  2. Update who can access the video to "Anyone at your org who has the link"
  3. Click on Embed ("<>")
  4. Select or deselect items, depending on your preferences
  5. Click on Copy Embed Code
  6. Follow steps 4-8 in the YouTube instructions


Embed an App, e.g. Flip(grid)

  1. In the App, copy the embed code (see Share or "<>" or Copy Embed Code, etc.)
  2. Follow steps 4-8 in the YouTube instructions


Embed an item that does not provide an embed code

  1. Copy the permanent URL
  2. Insert the URL into an embed code
    1. <iframe width="100%" height="600" src="[enter permanent URL]"></iframe>
    2. <iframe width="720" height="405" src="[enter permanent URL]"></iframe>
  3. Follow steps 4-8 in the YouTube instructions