JANUARY 12, 2024 8:30A.M.—2:30P.M. HST

We cordially invite all faculty to the annual Faculty Summit, scheduled for January 12, 2024 from 8:30am HST-2:30pm HST.  This year's theme is Promoting Self-Efficacy to Engage Learners, which emerged from the OLAP 2023-2024 professional learning survey as one that instructors are most eager to learn more about! 

Using Bandura's (1977) theory of Behavioral Change, each summit session will highlight instructional elements that can be used to promote student self-efficacy, which is a student's belief in their ability to manage academic situations.  Following is the agenda for the day:  


Welcome and Introduction: Self-efficacy Big Picture — presented by Dr. Katalin Wargo 

9:15AM- 10:15AM 

Mastery Experience – presented by Dr. Carrie Jones and Dr. Steven Fenster 

Mastery experiences are the experiences learners gain when taking on new challenges and succeeding. This session will highlight low stakes learning experiences that we can provide to students early and often to help them feel as though they can succeed in courses. 

10:30AM- 11:30AM 

Vicarious Experience - presented by Dr. Jennifer Merkle and Dr. Joseph Barnett 

When a student sees another student accomplish a task, the experience of observing a model can promote self-efficacy. Self-modeling, where learners observe and reflect on themselves succeeding, is also a powerful influence.  This session will highlight learning opportunities that can be provided where students can observe what success looks like.  


Verbal Persuasion - presented by Dr. Erica Chun and Dr. Jennifer Baumstark 

Instructors can boost self-efficacy with regular communication and feedback to guide learners through tasks or motivate them to make their best effort. This session will highlight varied communication and strategies to motivate students.  


Lunch provided at Aloha Tower Marketplace 


Emotional States presented by Dr. Han Nee Chong 

Neuroscience research indicates that brain systems involved in emotion and those involved in cognition are intertwined. Positive emotions can boost self-efficacy, while negative emotions such as anxiety can undermine it. This session will highlight how we can tap into learner's emotions to harness attention and spark learning.   


We are looking forward to coming together to learn from and with one another!  

For those unable attend in person, a remote invite will also be sent out with Zoom login information.