Public Administration Concurrent Registration

Public Administration Concurrent Registration


An undergraduate student who is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Public Administration may be granted approval to take one or more graduate courses while still an undergraduate. These courses may be used toward a graduate program with certain restrictions (see program for details).

Students who meet the eligibility requirements may register concurrently for up to 12 credits (4 courses) of the graduate courses from the table below. These courses may serve as substitutes for the corresponding undergraduate course and counted toward both the completion of a Bachelors and Masters in in Public Administration. Please discuss options with your advisor and the MPA Graduate Program Director (Sheryl Sunia to ensure proper course sequencing.



CJ 6700 Leadership & Ethics

CJ 3000 Ethics & Justice

PADM 6300 - Statistical Analysis for Decision Making

PADM 3000 - Analytical Techniques & Methods

PADM 6400 - U.S. Public Policy

PADM 3300 - Public Policy

PADM 6100 - Public Personnel Management

PADM 3400 -Public Personnel Administration

PADM 6510 - Public Finance

PADM 3500 - Public Finance and Budgeting

PADM 6200 - Nonprofit Organizations

PADM 3600 Non-Profit Management

PADM 6610 - City Mgmt & Urban Policy

PADM 3700 - Urban Governance