HPU | Masters in Public Administration

Masters in Public Administration


  • Concentrations in Criminal Justice and Nonprofit Management available 
  •  Complete within 1 year (8-week terms) 
  •  Flexibility – complete online, seated or hybrid 
  • Learn how public administration and leadership differ from management in the private sector 

If you’re seeking a career in public service or nonprofit management, then HPU’s Master in Public Administration is the choice for you! An innovative course design and program partnerships will empower you to live, work, and learn in an ever-changing global society. Become a leader ready to take on the professional world within 1 year if you take 2 courses each in the 8-week terms. Choose between our general, criminal justice, and nonprofit concentrations to build your personal future career pathway. 

The mission of Hawaii Pacific University’s Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program is to provide students, especially non-traditional students, with career options and occupation opportunities in the U.S. Federal Government, State, City, and local governments, as well as nonprofit organizations. Focusing on the formal and practical study of executive management and institutional structure while recognizing the need for flexibility without sacrificing academic integrity, students will receive preparation to serve as supervisors, managers and leaders in the public service domain. Innovative course design and related program partnerships will provide both traditional and distance learning course delivery alternatives empowering our students to live, work and learn in an ever-changing global society.

The concentration of criminal justice within the MPA focuses on the expansion of conceptual and practical knowledge critical to fulfillment of leadership roles in criminal justice or in the social services.

Complete your Degree in Two Ways


Our MPA Accelerated program is a one-year accelerated program offered both online and in-person. Students take two courses per term, in six 8-week terms.


The MPA+ Program enhances the MPA degree by providing students the option of selecting one additional 12-credit hour specialized certificate essential for subject-matter experts.


Length of program: 1 year

Entry terms: Fall/Spring/Summer

Program delivery: on-campus, online, hybrid

Cost of program: $31,165 or $850/credit

Why do students like you choose this program? 

  • Classes geographically positioned in downtown Honolulu close to government career centers 
  • Choice of additional concentrations in Criminal Justice or Nonprofit Management 
  • Approved for VA benefits 

What do students do after the program? 

  • Law enforcement and public safety 
  • Security  
  • Legal Investigation 
  • Bailiff 
  • Police Officer 
  • Transportation Security Officer 
  • Security Manager 
  • Criminal Investigator 

  • The MPA provides an education for careers in the U.S. federal, state and local governments.
  • Classes are geographically positioned downtown Honolulu across from government career centers.
  • It offers elective courses or the choice of a concentration in Criminal Justice or Nonprofit Management.
  • This Masters degree is a 1-year program if students take 2 courses each in the 6, 8-week terms.

  • Learn how public administration and leadership differ from management in the private sector.
  • Prepare for jobs in government, charitable organizations, or any other nonprofit organizations.
  • Have access to several topical and current publications in Public Administration.
  • Share their course-related experiences with other master degree program majors at HPU.

  • Application
  • $55 Application Fee
  • Official Transcript:  reflecting conferred bachelor's degree.  Master's if applicable.
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Admissions Interview

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