TESOL Concurrent Registration

TESOL Concurrent Registration

Undergraduate students who meet the eligibility requirements  (at least 90 credits earned with a 3.0 GPA) may register concurrently for up to 12 credits (4 courses) of the graduate courses in table below. These courses will serve as substitutes for the corresponding undergraduate course and count toward both the completion of a Bachelor’s and Master’s in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Because a typical full-time graduate semester is 9 credits, this allows students to save more than a semester toward their Master’s degree. 

For BA TESOL students, some typical graduate course substitutions are listed below.  Please discuss options with your faculty advisor and the TESOL Graduate Program Director (Dr. Hanh Nguyen) to ensure proper course sequencing.




AL 6110 English phonology & teaching pronunciation

AL 3110 English sound system

AL 6120 English syntax & teaching grammar

AL 3120 English sentence structure

AL 6140 Discourse analysis for language teachers

AL 3140 Introduction to discourse analysis

AL 6150 Using corpora in the language classroom

AL 3150 Introduction to using corpora

AL 6320 Language & Society

AL 3320 Sociolinguistics

AL 6710 Second language listening & speaking

AL 4710 Teaching listening & speaking skills

AL 6720 Second language reading & writing

AL 4720 Teaching reading & writing skills

AL 6740 Research & issues in computer assisted language teaching

AL 3740 Technology in language teaching

AL 6750 TESOL Materials development

AL 3750 Creating language teaching materials

AL 6760 Teaching English to children

AL 3760 Teaching English to children


For more information about graduate-level credits in TESOL, please contact your faculty advisor and/or tesol@hpu.edu. See also general information about concurrent registration at HPU.