Transportation Fee

Transportation Fee

Transportation Fee and UPass

Students who are enrolled full-time and take classes at the Hawaii Loa and/or Downtown campus are charged the Transportation Fee (UPass) via their student account. The Transportation Fee (UPass) is a mandatory fee, similar to the Student Activity Fee and Technology Fee. The fee amount is $100 each fall and spring semester during the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years. Students who are assessed the Transportation Fee (UPass) may pick up a UPass (discounted bus pass), a decal that is affixed to the HPU student ID. The UPass entitles the student to unlimited use of the The Bus (Oahu’s public transportation system) at a fraction of the cost for the whole semester, a savings of more than 50% over the regular rate! Click here to review the Terms of Use which outlines the rules and guidelines regarding the UPass program.

Students with an HPU ID Card may pick up their UPass at the Student Services Center located at Waterfront Plaza (Building 5, Suite 5A). Distribution hours are scheduled Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm, excluding university holidays. Eligible students may pick up their fall semester UPass beginning in August and their spring semester UPass beginning in January (UPasses are not available during the summer semsters).

If you lose your HPU ID and UPass, your student account will be charged replacement fees of $25 and $100 respectively.

Students who are enrolled part-time may purchase a Upass from the bookstore at ATM. Click here for more information.

Every two years, the Student Government Association discusses with and surveys the student body about the transportation fee and UPass program. After reviewing the student feedback and undergoing extensive discussion within the student senate, SGA provides a recommendation to university administrators as to whether or not to continue the program.  In light of Honolulu’s traffic challenges and increasing personal vehicle costs, your SGA continues to agree that this initiative is in line with their effort to provide an affordable and low-cost transportation alternative to all students.

If you have questions about the transportation fee and/or UPass program, email If you would like to express your comments and/or concerns, email

Frequently Asked Questions

The Transportation Fee (UPass) is a mandatory fee charged to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students taking classes on the Downtown and/or Hawaii Loa campuses each semester. The fee is charged each fall and spring semesters to qualified students during the academic years. The fee enables the student to participate in the university student bus pass program offered by TheBus, the City and County of Honolulu’s public transportation system. The student can pickup their UPass at the beginning of each semester. The UPass, which is a sticker that is attached to the student’s validated HPU ID card, allows the student unlimited use of TheBus during the designated use period.

The Transportation Fee (UPass) is a mandatory fee for eligible students and there is no opt-out or opt-in option. 

Students who are not assessed the Transportation Fee to their student account may purchase, on their own, a regular or optional UPass at the HPU Bookstore for a higher (though still-discounted) rate. Students must show proof of enrollment for the current or upcoming term (i.e. semester schedule). For more information on the regular UPass which is available to part-time students, visit  TheBus UPass webpage.

Students who live off-island AND take classes exclusively online or possess another valid bus pass (i.e. students with disabilities, senior citizens, etc.) may submit a waiver to request a refund of the Transportation Fee (UPass). Click here to download the Transportation Fee (UPass) Waiver Request Form. Waivers must be submitted by September 15th for the fall semester and February 9th for the spring semester. Waivers will be reviewed and processed accordingly AFTER these dates. Waivers can be emailed to Students will be notified if their waiver request has been approved or denied via email.

Federal financial aid may be used toward payment of the Transportation Fee (UPass). A student must have sufficient funds available to cover tuition and fees first, and also authorize the use of their aid toward non-institutional charges, such as the Transportation Fee (UPass). For questions about your individual award, contact the Financial Aid Office.

The Transportation Fee (UPass) is generally covered by VA benefits. Contact the Veterans Center for details,

The fall semester UPass is valid from August 1 - January 15 and the spring semester UPass is valid from January 1 - May 31. During the summer terms, the fee is not assessed. Regular student bus passes can be purchased at the HPU Bookstore. More information on the current rates for regular optional UPass  can be found on TheBus UPass webpage

All students are charged this fee, except for dual enrolled high school students; eligible military campus students; part-time students; and students enrolled in 100% online or hybrid programs.

Yes. The UPass program is designed to increase ridership and help alleviate traffic by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. This program is in line with University sustainability initiatives and SGA’s effort to provide an affordable and low-cost alternative to transportation. This program can also be used as a back up form of transportation if a student's primary means is not available.

Each UPass has a unique identifying code that is assigned to an individual student and linked to that student's HPU account. The Transportation Fee (UPass) is non-refundable. The UPass is NON-TRANSFERABLE AND CANNOT BE SOLD OR GIVEN TO SOMEONE ELSE, REPRODUCED, COVERED, OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY. These actions are considered violations of the HPU’s Code of Student Conduct. Suspected violations will be reported to the Dean of Students Office for investigation and adjudication.

Students pay a replacement ID fee to receive a new HPU ID. Visit the Registrar webpage for more information. Students can then pick up a replacement UPass and will be charged the Replacement Transportation Fee (UPass). The Replacement Fee is equivalent to the Transportation Fee.

The Transportation Fee (UPAss) is a mandatory and non-refundable fee. UPasses that are not picked up by the expiration date each semester will be returned to TheBus.

Once a student picks up the UPass, the fee cannot be refunded, even if the student goes from full-time to part-time or drops all downtown/HLC classes.