HPU Simulation Center

Simulation Center

Welcome to the Hawaii Pacific University Nursing/Healthcare Simulation Center, where innovation meets excellence in nursing education. Our state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and students with immersive, hands-on training experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice. With a wide range of cutting-edge equipment and simulations, we aim to enhance clinical skills, critical thinking, and teamwork within a safe and controlled environment.

At the core of our lab are multiple high-fidelity mannequins, meticulously designed to replicate realistic human physiology and respond dynamically to medical interventions. From our advanced pregnancy and birthing simulator, which enables comprehensive training in obstetrics and gynecology, to our pediatric and geriatric simulators that simulate various age-specific scenarios, we ensure that healthcare practitioners gain invaluable experience in managing diverse patient populations. 

Additionally, we offer wearable hands-on simulators that provide interactive training opportunities for essential procedures. These simulators allow participants to practice clinical skills such as intravenous catheter insertion, wound care, and other vital interventions, fostering competence and confidence in a controlled environment. 

With a team of experienced educators, clinicians, and simulation specialists, we are committed to creating an immersive learning environment that prepares healthcare professionals for the dynamic challenges of modern healthcare. Join us at the Hawaii Pacific University Medical Simulation Lab and embark on a transformative journey where knowledge, practice, and innovation converge to shape the future of healthcare. 


Simulation Lab Faculty and Staff

I have used simulation in teaching theoretical and clinical skills in nursing education. Students have a sense of security, and it builds their self-confidence, all in a protected environment. I have also used various forms of simulation in my role as Clinical Nurse Specialist in critical care, for teaching the ER, Telemetry and Critical Care Academy programs at a medical center. Simulation allows me to provide learning experiences as close to actual practice as possibleAs a current ACLS director and faculty, I have also been able to use simulation for Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification. I hope to continue ongoing professional self-development in simulation to benefit nursing education and promote student's success as global healthcare professionals.

Dr. Joy Bliss, Assistant Professor of Nursing is the simulation specialist in Obstetrics and Pediatrics who utilizes various simulation tools like Kaplan i-Human Virtual Simulation, Gaumard simulation models, Baby Hal, Super Tory, and Victoria to enhance the simulation experience for students: As a Simulation Specialist, Dr. Bliss utilizes innovative teaching methodologies and strives to improve student confidence levels in relation to the 2003 NLN/Laerdal simulation research studies (awaiting IRB research submission 10/2023 on student confidence levels.) Her passion lies in creating immersive and impactful learning experiences for nursing students through the power of simulation. She works with the HPU Simulation Task Force Team” in the development, implementation, and management of medical simulations within the fields of Obstetrics and Pediatrics. Their primary objective is to enhance the clinical skills, knowledge, and preparedness of Student Nurses and other healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and other staff working in these specialized areas. Dr. Bliss combines her deep knowledge of nursing with cutting-edge simulation technologies. Her expertise spans a wide range of nursing disciplines, including Maternal/Child Health, Community Health Nursing, Leadership, Evidence-Based Practice, and Research in Nursing Education.

Dr. Jayne Smitten is an accomplished educator and simulation specialist who has been recognized nationally & internationally as an innovative Healthcare/Higher Education Administrator. A Fellow of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (FSSH) and the 2023 President, Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), Dr. Smitten has years of experiential teaching and learning experiences in the area of simulation-based education. With leadership experiences in five (5) diverse academic institutions (one with hospital affiliations) in Canada, USA, and the Middle East, Dr. Smitten is a Simulationist Torchbearer who advocates and teaches in areas of debriefing, credentialing and accreditation. 

Dr. Smitten continues to serve on national/international boards that address simulation health education, health policy and healthcare workforce issues. These have included but not limited to: Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) and the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN). She was one of the inaugural 16 recipients receiving the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator- Advanced designation from the SSH. Jayne embraces leadership and teaching in the eclectic world of simulation & has interests in accreditation, clinical competency, cultural adeptness, designing faculty development, innovations with technologies, leadership styles, mentorship, organizational development, and strategic planning. 

Jayne aspires to the mantra: “Be the Best You Can Be….Do the Best You Can Do” in the world of healthcare simulation. 

I am the Sim Tech for Hawaii Pacific University and I help faculty and staff understand how to operate and use the different high-fidelity simulators that we have on campus in their lesson plans. I have found the high- fidelity simulations extremely valuable in helping students gain first-hand experience when working with patients.