Resource Recommendation

Resource Recommendation

The HPU Libraries welcome recommendations from the HPU community of authoritative and up-to-date resources that directly support the curriculum, programs, and mission of the University.  Recommendations are reviewed by subject specialists.

Before submitting a recommendation, please check HPU Discovery to determine if the item you need or wish to recommend is already held by the libraries. You may ask a subject specialist for assistance.

For more information, consult the Collection Development Policy.

Book Recommendation

Please note:

  • Book recommendations are reviewed by subject specialists and if approved are purchased quarterly. 
  • The HPU Libraries are committed to acquiring resources in electronic format if available to provide enhanced access to the HPU community, in support of distance learning, online and hybrid instruction.
  • The HPU Libraries does not purchase textbooks.


Database, Journal & Media Recommendation

Databases & Journals
Database and journal subscriptions require a significant ongoing financial commitment by the University. For several years, the library’s operating budget has been flat, while journal and database costs have steadily risen by 8% to 12%, annually.

Before committing to a new subscription:
• The requesting faculty member, Program Chair and Dean, in consultation with the subject specialist, must identify existing subject/college-specific subscriptions of equal or greater cost for cancellation.
• Program Chairs and Deans may also commit to using college/department funds for new subscriptions that would be managed by the Libraries.
• Please note that subscriptions begin on the calendar year.

Departments are responsible for purchasing instructional media. Fund #, Org #, Acct # (Should be 735020), and Program # must be provided.