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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

What does the HPU MBA degree look like?


Hawai‘i’s location at the center of the Pacific Rim makes it one of the most dynamic and globally important regions in the world. The HPU College of Business connects students directly to the region through Honolulu, a hub of industry and a key recruiting destination for Fortune 500 companies. HPU's faculty come to us from countries across the world and are educated at top-rated universities in their countries.

Students who complete the Master of Business Administration meet these program learning outcomes:

  1. Engage in problem-based learning in each course
  2. Use effective teamwork skills
  3. Produce persuasive oral and written communication to business audiences
  4. Develop solutions to problems using business principles

The HPU MBA is a 32-credit program. This schedule runs fall, spring, and summer terms. 


Complete your degree in two ways 

MBA Accelerated

Our MBA Accelerated program is a 32-credit program, with flexible course options offered in accelerated 8-week terms. Students can mix and match based on interests or work schedules.


Our MBA+ program allows you to add an HPU Graduate Certificate to get a deep dive in an area of emphasis. After completing your first semester, specialize your degree in courses ranging from Business Analytics to Nonprofit Management.


Diversity at HPU

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lauren matsumoto
Lauren Matsumoto,
’15 valedictorian MBA

Earning an MBA from Hawai‘i Pacific University is so much more than a degree, whether you’re from the Mainland, Hawai‘i, or anywhere else in the world. It provided me the opportunity to learn alongside students from over 60 countries with an array of culturally diverse backgrounds, which enriched all of my classes. For the in-person program, the campus is located in the heart of downtown Honolulu where something as simple as an elevator ride could mean connecting with C-suite executives from your dream company. These same advantages come through in the online degree, as well, as you will immediately become plugged into a network that’s centered in the heart of the Pacific’s extended business community. I cannot speak highly enough about the relationships I established with HPU's knowledgeable professors who integrated practical life applications in all their teachings. My HPU MBA broadened my horizons and has given me the unique skills and perspectives to be an effective legislator serving the people of Hawai‘i.


Frank Piao
Frank Piao, ‘02
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Changhe Stem Cell Co., Ltd.
Shanghai City, China

My experience of studying and living in Hawai‘i was a preview of my business partnership with more than 20 countries. Hawai‘i Pacific University not only has unique advantages in geographic location but also embodies the American values and the model of American melting pot in culture. My MBA program at HPU opened my eyes to Western perspectives, enabling me to graft on to my Chinese roots American values and ideals. I became a true “bridge person,” one whose life and education spans two cultures yet unites them in my person and commitment to globalization, cross-cultural understanding and service to the larger community. The world is changing rapidly, if you cannot change and upgrade yourself, then you will be obsolete. There is no end to learning and there is no time node to acquire higher education. The most effective starting point when one is eager to change is to return to campus and continue higher education. After accumulating some practical experience in real-world society, people have the qualification and ability to sort out and verify the past decision-making power in MBA courses and deepen the comprehensive quality of entrepreneurs systematically.



brad harrison
Brad Harrison
Senior VP, First Hawaiian Bank 
Honolulu, HI


Brad Harrison is the senior vice president of First Hawaiian Bank’s wealth management division. He will manage the investment of personal trust account assets. Harrison brings to the position more than 32 years of wealth management experience and joined First Hawaiian Bank in 1991 as an investment officer.

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