Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

The very essence of who we are.

Brand Foundation

Location, Location, Location:
City, state, state of mind, and study abroad

Power of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints

Strength and service to our community

Enduring Hawaiian Values:
Pono, Kuleana, Aloha

Brand Tone

Words use to describe us.

Modern Hawaii: Contemporary, hip, engaging

Authentic: Thoughtful, honest, deliberate

Personal: Intimate, informal, friendly

Vibrant: Inspiring, enthusiastic, proactive

Global: Inclusive, welcoming, open-minded

Adventuresome: Hands-on, enterprising, confidant

Brand Pillars

These are the things that embody who we are.


What HPU does differently, better.

Serve as an international hub, a nexus of East and West, urban and rural, of experiences, cultures, ideas, and industries.


What connects people to HPU.

An enthusiastic approach to community and to an intimate, personalized education that unites diverse peoples from around the world.


What HPU believes in.

A Hawaiian way of life, and of learning expressed through the traditional values of the Islands and of ’ohana.

Positioning Statement

Knowledge is more easily grasped when you receive a hands-on education.
It brings new perspectives and viewpoints that are uniquely yours into focus.

At Hawai‘i Pacific University, a deliberately intimate learning environment, including classroom study and experiential learning, empowers you to get up-close and personal with the subjects you’re passionate about. Along with the sort of unmatched diversity that only exists at the intersection of East and West, of urban campus and island paradise, you’ll graduate more highly educated and both market- and world-ready. Because you’ve seen for yourself, and you can think for yourself. You’ve gained first-hand the personal insights and the professional experiences you need to enjoy a successful career and to live the extraordinary life you want.