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Welcome to the College of Health and Society (CHS) at Hawaii‘i Pacific University. Within the College are three distinct programs: Nursing, Public Health, and Social Work. Educational programs at CHS are student-focused and designed to prepare students for entry into the health professions by building on a strong liberal arts education or to prepare nurses for delivery of care reflective of evidence-based practices through bachelor, graduate or doctoral education.



Welcome to the College of Health and Society (CHS) at Hawaii‘i Pacific University (HPU).

Firstly, I would like share the three values of Hawaii’i Pacific University, aloha, pono, and kuleana that I was introduced to by Dr. Lynette Landry, my predecessor. Embodying the value of aloha, CHS students are exposed to a variety of classroom, practicum, and experiential learning experiences that emphasize teamwork and collaboration. The value of pono is demonstrated by the dedication faculty and staff has in developing graduates who have strong critical thinking and decision making skills. CHS demonstrates the value of kuleana through ongoing development of state of the art simulation center; academic rigor; and a focus on student success through achievement of program learning outcomes. These values are exemplified through the CHS mission of educating competent and caring professionals in the practice of health promotion, healthcare, and social well-being of all people. Exposure to these Hawaii’ian values in our health and society educational environments, and learning how to live aloha, pono and kuleana, is foundational to the concepts of respecting one another, maintaining balance in life and includes empowerment, humility and responsibility.

CHS provides an inter-professional education that is scholastically challenging yet flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional students. This website provides a comprehensive introduction and answers to many questions you may have about our family (HPU ‘ohana) within the College: our programs, our students and our faculty.

Our CHS looks forward to working with you so that you can achieve your educational and professional goals.

“Mahalo nui loa. A Hui Hou.”
Dr. Jayne Smitten, PhD
Acting Dean and Professor

College of Health and Society

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