Written By Gregory Fischbach

May 29, 2024
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Brittany Zimmerman, CEO of Yummet, visited a business strategy and policy capstone class to speak with HPU business students

Brittany Zimmerman, CEO of Yummet, visited a business strategy and policy capstone class to speak with HPU business students.

During the final week of the spring 2024 term, Brittany Zimmerman, the self-made billionaire CEO of Yummet, flew to Honolulu to visit HPU's business strategy and policy capstone class. The unique opportunity allowed students in HPU Business Lecturer Leslie Blood’s class to engage directly with a local entrepreneur whose innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability have significantly impacted both Hawaiʻi and the global community.

Zimmerman's visit was a remarkable occasion, highlighting the University’s commitment to providing its students with unparalleled learning experiences. Zimmerman shared her journey from NASA principal investigator and aerospace systems engineer to the founder and CEO of Yummet, a company now valued at over a billion dollars. She spoke passionately about her career transition and how she uses her expertise in space systems to develop life support technologies that benefit terrestrial humanity.

Yummet is revolutionizing the way we handle waste by transforming various types of waste—including construction debris, greenhouse gases, metals, plastics, and agricultural waste—into valuable resources. Using advanced technologies, Yummet disassembles waste at the molecular level and reconstructs it into useful products such as green, carbon-negative concrete, clean hydrogen fuel, potable drinking water, and biochar, a sustainable soil amendment. This innovative process not only rebalances the carbon footprint of our planet but also provides practical solutions for waste management.

During her class visit, Zimmerman emphasized the importance of giving back to the community and protecting the planet. She is actively involved in building a site on Hawaiʻi Island and working with government officials to address critical environmental issues, such as removing toxic debris from the catastrophic fires in Lahaina and managing Oahu’s construction debris.

Zimmerman’s interaction with HPU students was more than just a lecture; it was a motivational session that encouraged students to pursue their business aspirations while being mindful of their impact on the environment and society. She answered questions about starting a successful business in Hawaiʻi, shared her vision for a sustainable future, and provided insights into her multidisciplinary approach to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges. 

To learn more about Zimmerman's groundbreaking work and Yummet's mission, check out this video, and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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