Professor of English Publishes His Fourth Novel

HPU Professor of English Tyler McMahon

Congratulations to Professor of English Tyler McMahon on the publication of his new book, One Potato. The eBook/audiobook has been released, and the hardcover book will be released on April 26. About McMahon’s novel, an excerpt from the book jacket: “Eddie Morales finds his lowly R&D life completely upended when his Boise-based biotech firm dispatches him to Puerto Malogrado, a tiny but tumultuous country in South America where the international media is accusing their experimental potatoes of causing a bizarre medical crisis. …  Darkly funny and compassionately rendered, One Potato charts the crooked line between nature and technology and takes a deep look into a future shaped by disasters both natural and devastatingly man-made.”

Read more about McMahon’s new book here

Professor McMahon teaches WRI 2601 Introduction to Creative Writing in both fall and spring and will be offering WRI 3391 Wanderlust Student Literary Magazine in fall and WRI 3310 Poetry Workshop in spring. He is also the editor of Hawaii Pacific Review, and students can sign up for the one-credit online class WRI 3951 Staff Reader, Hawaii Pacific Review, in both fall and spring.

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