By Kristine Hojnicki

April 18, 2023
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College of Business

College of Business.

Hawaii Pacific University’s College of Business Administration is proud to announce that it is the 2023 recipient of Coursera’s 2023 Campus Transformation Award.

The award recognizes the university driving the most innovation to enable world-class education at scale.

HPU’s College of Business Administration partnered with Coursera in March 2022, offering Coursera’s Career Academy to over 1,500 students who have taken over 18,000 lessons which complement their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Through Career Academy, those students obtained industry micro-credentials that provide them with in-demand skills throughout the world. The college’s focus on skills-based learning made HPU stand out as a leading innovator when compared to the thousands of educational institutions using Coursera on their campuses.

“By partnering with Career Academy, the College of Business is able to offer learners applied, innovative, and hands-on learning experiences that help them get in-demand skills,” said College of Business Administration Dean Mark Rosenbaum. “When career certificates are integrated into traditional business curricula, students see clearer career paths and courses become more meaningful.”

HPU was honored by Coursera Chairman and co-founder, Andrew Ng during the Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony during Coursera Conference 2023 on April 13th.

According to Coursera, “Every year, we present the Outstanding Achievement awards to recognize the partners, course teams, and customers who demonstrate a deep commitment to partnering with us to build a world where anyone, anywhere, can transform their life through learning.”

The most popular courses among HPU students are in the areas of Business, Data Science, and Information Technology. Dean Rosenbaum would like to recognize faculty members Jasmine Kauhane, MBA, Ghazwan Hassna (Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Eng.), Charles Chen, PhD, PE, PMP, Leslie Blood, and Sydney Parmer for quickly incorporating Career Academy into their courses.

Additionally, he would like to express his gratitude to Jana Stern, MBA, who was instrumental in revamping the business analytics program which is replete with micro-certifications, Jesús Rosario and Scott Shireman who supported the college’s participation in a Coursera pilot study, and  Provost of HPU Jennifer Walsh who has supported this endeavor since its inception.

“Together, we have transformed our business curriculum, thereby transforming the lives of our students, our community, and the state of Hawaii,” said Dean Rosenbaum.

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