Written By Gregory Fischbach

April 04, 2024
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HPU's new Master of Science in Data Science is scheduled to begin August 2024.

HPU's new Master of Science in Data Science is scheduled to begin August 2024..

HPU announced the launch of its new Master of Science in Data Science, scheduled to begin August 2024. The program aims to provide students with a comprehensive education in cutting-edge technologies and advanced data analytical methods.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 35% growth in data science employment from 2022 to 2032, making it one of the fastest-growing fields. Jobs in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are closely related to data science, are estimated to grow 21% from 2021 to 2031. About 17,700 job openings for data scientists are projected each year, indicating a high demand for skilled professionals to interpret data and provide actionable recommendations for improving business outcomes.

HPU Data Science Program Director, Professor Chong Ho Yu, Ph.D., noted that the HPU online program will allow students to complete the degree at their own place, making it accessible to a diverse range of learners from across the globe.

"Our curriculum is designed to empower students with the latest technologies and advanced analytical methods, equipping graduates with the skills needed in various industries,” Yu said. “With a focus on ethical considerations and practical skills, HPU graduates will emerge well-equipped for diverse and lucrative opportunities in finance, healthcare, technology, and beyond. I look forward to guiding our students as they embark on this transformative educational journey."

Key features of the program include an emphasis on understanding data and ethical considerations in AI and big data and an online format for flexible learning.

"Completing our Master of Science in Data Science program equips students with a diverse skill set essential for success in the data-driven landscape of today's industries,” Yu said. “From designing predictive models and mastering data wrangling techniques to proficiently coding in relevant programming languages and implementing advanced machine learning models, our graduates emerge ready to tackle real-world challenges. Moreover, they are adept at crafting impactful data visualizations and navigating complex ethical considerations in AI and data science, ensuring they contribute positively to both their organizations and society as a whole." 

The Master of Science in Data Science joins a suite of new program offerings at HPU in 2024. These include the new Master of Science in Construction Management, Master of Arts in Health Communication, and the Doctor of Occupational Therapy, and the Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

For additional information on the new Master of Science in Data Science, click here.

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