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March 27, 2024
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  • Pictured Nadine Yereance

    Pictured Nadine Yereance.

  • Pictured Austin Jones

    Pictured Austin Jones.

  • Pictured Keegan Jones

    Pictured Keegan Jones.

  • Pictured Samantha Bright

    Pictured Samantha Bright.

Congratulations to the following students!


1ST PLACE: Wait for Me by Austin Jones

Covers immense emotional, physical, and temporal space in just eight minutes. Shows control of the medium. Pushes to the edge of sentimentality, then pulls back to leave the viewer entangled in emotions they had hoped to keep at bay. Visual development with flashback sequences, along with voice-over musing about life, love, and death, enhances engagement from beginning to end. (Judges’ comments)


2nd PLACE: Three for One by Samantha Bright

Terrific pacing in this haunted, horror show. Surprising twists and turns reward the viewer, especially with its startling conclusion. Clever writing with authentic, interesting dialogue and paranormal suspense.



1ST PLACE:  I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream by Nadine Yereance (based on the short story of the same name by Harlan Ellison)

Ingenious, much more of an “inspired by” than an adaptation. Nothing is as it seems until it all seems inevitable, our dystopian future as it will be. Intriguing use of an escape room and computer control center to build angst and antagonism among characters. Though convoluted with elusive actions, the author seems confident of purpose and meaning throughout.  Reminds one of the complex filmmaking of early Christopher Nolan movies like Memento and Insomnia


2nd PLACE: Fallen Women by Flor Regalado (based on the short story “Girls at Play” by Celeste Ng)

An adaptation that takes the pain of the original and translates it vividly for the screen, rearranging and altering as necessary for the different medium while staying true to the spirit—and horror—of the story.  Skillful use of flashback to provide insights into the emotional introspection and drama of teen angst and anxiety.


The Night Came Slowly by Keegan Jones (based on the short  story of the same name by Kate Chopin)

Consistent dialogue with the original, but a skillful adaptation with enhanced imagery and character development. The visual cues and influence of nature, music, shadows and light create an intriguing, elusive, and well-written reflection of the Necromancer pathos.


Comments are from the judges, who are either current or former members of the Department of English and Applied Linguistics involved in drama and scriptwriting. This year’s winners were selected from 20 submissions presented to the judges anonymously. The contest is open to all HPU students. The contest awards ($808 in scholarships) are supported by the Mark David Bauer Fund. For additional information on the Short Script Contest, contact Professor of English Mark Tjarks at or (808) 566-2445.

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