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February 19, 2024
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HPU Dean of the College of Business Mark Rosenbaum

HPU Dean of the College of Business Mark Rosenbaum.

HPU Dean of the College of Business Mark Rosenbaum, Ph.D., has been nominated for the esteemed 2024 Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award. The nomination is a testament to Rosenbaum's impactful contributions to the field of service marketing and management.

The Lovelock award is given annually by the American Marketing Association Service Special Interest Group (SERVSIG) to individuals who have had the greatest long-term impact on the development of the services discipline. To be eligible for the award candidates must have 20-40 years of career contributions, and have significant, frequent, and recent contributions in the services discipline. 

“I am deeply honored and humbled by the nomination for the Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award. This recognition reflects the collaborative efforts and shared dedication to advancing the field of service marketing and management,” Rosenbaum said. “Throughout my career, I have been driven by a passion for transformative service research and a commitment to improving consumer welfare. I believe in the power of inclusive and impactful research that addresses the diverse needs of society. This nomination fuels my continued dedication to advancing the understanding of service dynamics and contributing to the betterment of our global community.”

Rosenbaum's career spans over two decades and is characterized by his unwavering commitment to advancing the understanding of service marketing and management. Holding positions at dean at Saint Xavier University and department chair at the University of South Carolina, he has consistently demonstrated excellence in socially impactful research. His work on service atmospherics, social services marketing, and consumer well-being has left an indelible mark on academic discourse and provided invaluable insights for industry practitioners.

Rosenbaum is considered a pioneer in Transformative Service Research (TSR) where his dedication to improving consumer welfare is evident through his numerous publications that address the needs of vulnerable groups. His advocacy for inclusive and impactful research has positioned him as a global thought leader, which is reflected in his top-ranking in LGBTQIA+ research.

Rosenbaum's impact extends beyond publications, as seen by his three-time Fulbright recipient status and international collaborations in Cambodia, Nepal, and Uzbekistan. His commitment to cross-cultural perspectives and diverse collaborations solidifies his position as a thought leader with a global impact.

His scholarly works have garnered over 9,152 citations, reflecting the enduring relevance and impact of his research. He serves as co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing, an associate editor for the Psychology and Marketing and the Service Industries Journal, and an editorial board member of several services and travel related journals. 

Rosenbaum's teaching philosophy integrates research with practical learning, nurturing a new generation of thought leaders in service marketing. His forward-thinking approach, such as the introduction of the Coursera Career Academy partnership at HPU, demonstrates his commitment to providing students with practical, industry-relevant skills. He has played a pivotal role as dean in fostering academic rigor and innovation, attracting diverse faculty, and establishing international partnerships.

Recipients of the Lovelock award are generally announced in summer.

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