Written By Gregory Fischbach

February 08, 2024
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Mark Rosenbaum is the HPU Dean of the College of Business and serves as co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing

Mark Rosenbaum is the HPU Dean of the College of Business and serves as co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing.

HPU Dean of the College of Business Mark Rosenbaum, Ph.D., recently co-edited a special issue to the Journal of Services Marketing that is dedicated to exploring how the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be applicable to services. Additionally, Rosenbaum and his service researcher colleagues published an editorial that condensed 17 SDGs into seven “ServCollab” service research themes to “provide a way forward for service research that improves human and planetary life.” 

The article, SDG editorial: improving life on planet earth – a call to action for service research to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs), can be accessed by clicking here

The seven areas of research include services fostering the HEALTH and HAPPINESS of humanity; services facilitating EQUALITY for everyone; services efficiently handling RESOURCES for all; ECONOMIC services supporting labor and development for all individuals; services provided by FAIR and SUSTAINABLE institutions for human welfare; service ecosystems intertwined with the EARTH; and services promoting COLLABORATION for sustainable development alliances. 

In this issue, Rosenbaum also co-authors an article entitled, SDG commentary: economic services for work and growth for all humans. This article addresses United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) 8 and 9 from a service perspective. SDG 8 is a call to improve the dignity of service work by enhancing wages, working conditions and development opportunities, while SDG 9 calls upon nations to construct resilient infrastructures, promote inclusivity and sustainability and foster innovation.  This article, and all articles in this special issue, can be downloaded for free through March 7, 2024, by clicking here.

Rosenbaum serves as co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing, an associate editor for the Psychology and Marketing and the Service Industries Journal, and an editorial board member of several services and travel related journals. He joined HPU as the Dean of the College of Business in 2021 and has overseen the College’s highly successful pivot to a skills-based learning experience that includes partnerships with Coursera Career Academy.

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