Written By Gregory Fischbach

January 03, 2023
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HPU College of Business

HPU College of Business.

HPU Dean of the College of Business Mark Rosenbaum, Ph.D., has co-authored an article in Health Marketing Quarterly entitled People and Place attachment: Exploring compliance in neighborhood health centers. According to Rosenbaum, the study in the article shows that social relationships with doctors encourage client compliance with medical providers’ directives.

“Simply because clients are prescribed medication, a customized health plan, or directives to follow a particular diet, does not mean that they do so," Rosenbaum explains. “The cost of non-compliance in health exchanges is profound for individuals and communities.”

The article concludes that, “Based on data obtained from center clients… place attachment and social bonding drive compliance. From a practical perspective, providers and clients must engage in social interaction to promote compliance and engender place attachment.

Mark Rosenbaum

Mark Rosenbaum.

This is the first of two articles that Rosenbaum has co-authored this year on neighborhood health centers. The second article published in International Journal of Hospitality Management is entitled Understanding health center-client relationships in the context of a developing Latin America country.

This article explores an urban-based neighborhood health center in Cali, Colombia. Rosenbaum and colleagues argue that hoteliers can learn from health center clients in that low price, rather than complex or ornate physical structures are essential when targeting lower-income or bottom-of-the-pyramid clients.

In the context of a developing country, Rosenbaum states, “We show that neighborhood health center clients overlook physical and social attributes to obtain subsidized health care. Among these clients, compliance is fueled by a belief that the health center is doing the best to assist them by providing them with subsidized services.”

Rosenbaum serves as co-editor of the Journal of Services Marketing, an associate editor for the Journal of Business Research and the Service Industries Journal, and an editorial board member of several services and travel related journals. He joined HPU as the Dean of the College of Business in 2021 and has overseen the College’s highly successful pivot to a skills-based learning experience that includes partnerships with Coursera Career Academy and MindEdge.

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