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Written By Gregory Fischbach

August 22, 2023
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Students at the HPU College of Business at Pioneer Plaza

Students at the HPU College of Business at Pioneer Plaza.

HPU’s College of Business Dean Mark Rosenbaum, Ph.D., is excited to begin the fall 2023 term by welcoming four new faculty members to the college. These new members, Allen Weiss, Tom Rosenbaum (no relation to Dean Rosenbaum), Red Brio, Ph.D., and Bob Vega, Ph.D., bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and fresh perspectives to the college, enhancing the learning journey for students and contributing to HPU’s mission to be being practical, innovative, and experiential. 

“I am honored to welcome Allen, Tom, Red, and Bob to our HPU ‘ohana,” said Rosenbaum. “This is such an exciting time to be a student and a faculty member at HPU. We are the only university in the world to offer skills, sun, and surf, all while students earn their business degrees in paradise.”

Weiss joins HPU as a distinguished faculty member with a rich history of real-world experience in the hospitality sector. Having worked at renowned companies that include Marriott, Westin, and Red Lion, Weiss brings invaluable insights into customer service, strategic management, and operations. With a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration/Management from Cornell University and a Master of Science in Hospitality Administration/Management from Florida International University, Weiss' academic and practical background makes him a strong asset to HPU. His presence underscores the College of Business’ dedication to bridging theory and practice, inspiring students to think innovatively and tackle real-world business challenges.

Tom Rosenbaum’s appointment as an adjunct professor of accounting is an excellent addition to the College of Business. With dual master's degrees, in Accountancy and Taxation from the University of Denver, Tom’s expertise in tax law and dedication to teaching are noteworthy. His achievement as the first student to pursue both degrees simultaneously showcases his determination and passion for education. Tom joins the HPU faculty with a unique perspective, enriching the academic community and providing HPU students with valuable insights into the intricate world of accounting and taxation.

Brio's return to HPU as an instructor of business analytics marks a remarkable development for the College of Business. An HPU alumnus, Brio's experience in sports analytics and hotel/tourism management brings a unique blend of academic excellence and real-world proficiency to the table. Brio's role as a Board Member of the IT Council within the Hawai’i Lodging and Tourism Association further exemplifies his commitment to industry engagement and community collaboration. As part of the newly revised Master of Science in Business Analytics program at HPU, Brio's expertise will contribute to shaping the future of business analytics education and fostering innovation within the realms of sports analytics and hotel/tourism management.

Vega joins HPU as an adjunct professor of management, bringing a notable academic journey that includes a Doctorate of Education from the University of Southern California and a Doctorate in Management from the University of Phoenix. He is the co-founder and director of Wave Hawaii, a dynamic non-denominational Christian organization that empowers youth through artistic expression and community engagement. Vega’s commitment to nurturing creativity, leadership, and positive societal transformation is a wonderful addition to the versatile and highly experienced faculty at the HPU College of Business.

The addition of Weiss, Tom Rosenbaum, Brio, and Vega represents the continued progression to providing HPU students with practical, innovative, and experiential learning environment. Their diverse backgrounds, expertise, and dedication to both academia and industry exemplify the college's commitment to fostering well-rounded business professionals who are equipped to excel in today's rapidly evolving global business landscape.

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