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August 03, 2023
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The HPU College of Business at Pioneer Plaza

The HPU College of Business at Pioneer Plaza.

HPU Assistant Professor and Program Chair of Business Analytics Ghazwan Hassna, Ph.D., in collaboration with a distinguished team of international scholars from Poland, Kuwait, and the U.S., has published a groundbreaking research article entitled “The Roles of User Interface Design and Uncertainty Avoidance in B2C Ecommerce Success: Using Evidence from Three National Cultures” in the journal of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications. The article focused on unraveling the intricacies of business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce success. The collaborative effort brought together a consortium of experts, each with their unique perspectives and expertise.

Ghazwan Hassna

Ghazwan Hassna.

In the article the international team of scholars delved into the enigmatic determinants of B2C e-commerce success. While previous research has primarily focused on measuring success, this collaborative effort sought to bridge the gap by identifying and analyzing key predictors of the system-quality dimension of B2C e-commerce success.

Recognizing the significance of national cultural influences, the team embarked on an investigation to assess the applicability of their research model across diverse national cultural contexts. By examining a diverse sample of B2C consumers from Kuwait, Poland, and Latvia—representing distinct national cultural backgrounds such as the Arab world, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe—the researchers enriched their findings with cross-cultural insights.

Beyond its theoretical contributions, the study offers several vital practical implications. Understanding which factors predict B2C ecommerce success can be equally, if not more important than, measuring B2C website success per se. Developing knowledge of B2C website success predictors can help managers and practitioners comprehend how to achieve B2C website success and prioritize investments, design, and marketing efforts.

The study sheds light on interface-design factors' role in enhancing the system-quality dimension of B2C success and, subsequently, B2C success. It also uncovers the moderating role of uncertainty avoidance on customers' reuse intentions for B2C e-commerce websites. Armed with these insights, B2C website designers, managers, and marketers can utilize the newly extended model to measure, understand, and improve their websites' success.

Hassna and the international team's collaborative effort promises to reshape the understanding of B2C e-commerce success, providing valuable insights for businesses and academics alike.

For further information or inquiries, contact Hassna at

To read the full research article, click here.


Meet the Renowned Scholars:

  1. Ghazwan Hassna, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor and Program Chair of Business Analytics at the College of Business of Hawai’i Pacific University. Profile
  2. Professor Kamel Rouibah: Professor at the College of Business Administration of Kuwait University Profile
  3. Professor Paul Benjamin Lowry: Eminent Scholar and the Suzanne Parker Thornhill Chair Professor in Business Information Technology at the Pamplin College of Business of Virginia Tech. Profile
  4. Professor Joanna Paliszkiewicz: Professor at the Management Institute of Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Profile
  5. Dr. Magdalena Mądra-Sawicka: Assistant Professor at the Institute of Economics and Finance of Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Profile


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