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Written By Gregory Fischbach

July 06, 2023
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Yong Jae Kim

Yong Jae Kim.

HPU Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies Yong Jae Kim, Ph.D., has co-authored paper titled "Another path to electoral reform: Cohort replacement and electoral issues for rule changes in Japan." The article, published in the  journal Asian Politics and Policy sheds light on the factors that drive electoral system changes in Japan.

Collaborating with Professor Dennison Patterson, Ph.D., from Texas Tech University's Department of Political Science, Kim's research explores how generational replacement and electoral issues play a pivotal role in motivating politicians to introduce new electoral systems for their future electoral survival. 

The paper delves into Japan's pre- and post-reform elections by analyzing surveys, offering compelling evidence that the entrance of new generations and salient issue concerns can disrupt the electoral bases of political parties. Consequently, this disruption prompts a shift in the rules of the game, resulting in greater electoral stability desired by political elites.

Discussing the research findings, Kim emphasizes the importance of understanding the dynamics of generational replacement and the influence of prominent issues in electoral reforms.

"Our study unveils the significant impact that generational shifts and pressing issues have on electoral systems. By recognizing these patterns, policymakers and political analysts can better comprehend the motivations behind electoral rule changes," Kim remarked. 

The research conducted by Kim and Patterson sheds new light on the intricacies of Japan's political landscape. Their work provides valuable insights into the evolving electoral processes and sets the stage for further scholarly exploration in the field of political science.

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