Oceanic Institute of HPU Staff and HPU Graduate Student Receives Research Grant

Rising Tide Conservation awarded OI of HPU Finfish Department Research Assistant and Master of Science in Marine Science student Katie Hiew a $12,000 grant to support her thesis research. 

Hiew’s research focuses on methods to improve broodstock management in yellow tang. Egg production and the resulting quality of those eggs are limiting factors in producing tang and other species at a commercial level. Her project will look at optimizing egg production and improving egg quality through diet, as well as appropriate broodstock sex ratios.   

Hiew, born in landlocked Pennsylvania, always had a passion for the ocean. She came to Hawai‘i, attending Brigham Young University, where she gained research experience and presented at the 2017 Indo-Pacific Fish Conference in Papeete, Tahiti, and received her BS in Marine Biology. Prior to joining OI-HPU, she worked caring for many Hawaiian species, such as green sea turtles, whitetip reef sharks, brown stingrays, and various native fish. At OI-HPU, Hiew manages the finfish broodstock species, including the yellow tang, coral grouper, mullet, and clownfish.