Thermo-Fisher Scientific provides the iN10MX Microscope FTIR to the Center for Marine Debris Research



Thermo-Fisher Scientific has donated the iN10MX Infrared Imaging Microscope to the Center for Marine Debris Research to answer some of the most complex and pressing questions of our time about plastic pollution. The iN10MX is capable of identifying intricate microplastic samples and features a mapping array function that enables the identification of thousands of particles in a few hours as opposed to single-point analysis which can take days or weeks for the same amount of particles. As CMDR regularly processes thousands of plastic samples, this instrument will greatly enhance CMDR’s efficiency and capabilities in marine debris science. 

Hawaii Pacific University and Thermo-Fisher Scientific have partnered together to make the Center for Marine Debris Research a SEED unit. This contract is a unique collaboration between academia and industry to push the boundaries in plastic pollution research and technology development.

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