The Center for Marine Debris Research (CMDR) chairs Marine Debris and Microplastics session at Aquaculture Conference

CMDR co-director, Dr. Jennifer Lynch, and postdoctoral research associate, Dr. Katy Shaw, chaired a Marine Debris and Microplastics session at the Aquaculture America conference in Honolulu Hawaii on February 12, 2020. This session focused on the role plastics play in aquaculture and potential threats to environmental health from marine debris as a result from aquaculture activities. Scientists presented on topics including lost and abandoned fishing gear, the effects of microplastics in fish, and the threat of nanoplastics to aquatic life. Dr. Shaw presented research on the occurrence of aquaculture gear, specifically oyster spacers, found in marine debris in Hawaii.

Melissa R. Jung, Kayla C. Brignac, Kerrianne O’Malley, Sheena Weller, Cheryl King, Sarah-Jeanne Royer, Megan R. Lamson, Jens Currie, and Jennifer M. Lynch. Measuring Amounts, Sizes, and Types of Aquaculture Gear in Marine Debris in Hawaii. Aquaculture America 2020. Honolulu, HI. 9-12 February 2020.


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