Oceanic Institute (OI) of HPU Scientists Co-author Research Article on Aquaculture in Hawai‘i

Chad Callan, Ph.D., Director of OI of HPU’s Finfish Department, and Shaun Moss, Ph.D., Executive Director of OI of HPU, co-authored an article titled, “Aquaculture in Hawai‘i – Ancient Traditions, Modern Innovation,” along with other aquaculture experts in Hawai‘i. The article published in the World Aquaculture journal highlights the history of aquaculture in Hawai‘i, including important contributions made by researchers at OI over the past several decades. Contributions include the first-ever successful cultivation of captive-bred yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens), a valuable coral reef fish, and the development of the world’s first Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) shrimp.  

The World Aquaculture Society published the article in advance of the upcoming Aquaculture America 2020 conference it is sponsoring in Honolulu from Feb. 9-12. The conference will feature hundreds of world-class speakers and delegates from around the globe to discuss the science, technology, business and social aspects of aquaculture. OI of HPU scientists will present data from their current research on fish and shrimp. 

The article about Hawai‘i aquaculture is posted here