Math Professor and Student Present at the Joint Mathematics Meeting (JMM) in Denver

Associate Professor of Mathematics Tara Davis, Ph.D., and Applied Mathematics student Alexxis De Lamere attended the JMM and gave a January 15 talk entitled Peg Solitaire in Multiple Colors on Graphs in the American Mathematical Society Special Session on Research in Graph Theory and Combinatorics by Research Experience for Undergraduate Faculty Alumni and Their Students, jointly with Dr. Roberto Soto and his student Gustavo Sopena from California State University, Fullerton.

De Lamere also presented her work, Peg Solitaire in Multiple Colors on Complete Bipartite Graphs, in the Mathematical Association for America Student Poster Session. 

The JMM is the largest math meeting in the world, with approximately 5000 participants.

Pictured from left to right are Dr. Roberto Soto, Gustavo Sopena, Alexxis De Lamere, and Dr. Tara Davis.