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Mar. 01 - CNCS affiliate faculty member Chad Callan, Ph.D., co-authored a chapter entitled “Large Angelfish and Other Pelagic Spawners” in the recently published textbook, Marine Ornamental Species Aquaculture. This volume contains the latest information on cultivating marine ornamental species and highlights OI of HPU's recent successes in breeding and raising yellow tang. 

Feb. 15 - HPU alumnus Wally Ito (B.S. Marine Biology '14) was a guest speaker for HON 1100 – Exploring Hawai’i and the Pacific, sharing his mana'o limu (knowledge of seaweeds and macroalgae) with current students. Ito is currently the Limu Hui Coordinator at KUA, a local organization focused on community-based natural resource management.

Feb. 28 - Affiliate Natural Sciences Faculty member and Executive Director of Oceanic Institute (OI) of HPU Shaun Moss, Ph.D. recently wrote an article as an overview of the OI. In his article, Dr. Moss summarizes the important work that scientists and researchers at OI have conducted over the past 50 years, and provides an outline as to why the OI of HPU has been a world leader in the advancement of sustainable aquaculture technologies.

Feb. 08 - CNCS Affiliate Faculty Dr. Shaun Moss and Dustin Moss, Ph.D. were invited to speak at the Shrimp Hatchery Operators Meeting in Chennai, India. They each gave a presentation on a different facet of shrimp breeding; S. Moss presented, "Oceanic Institute's Shrimp Breeding Program: History and Impacts," while D. Moss presented, "The Role of Selective Breeding in Shrimp Aquaculture: A Review of the MPEDA-OI Broodstock Project."

Jan. 28 - Chemistry Professor Dr. David Horgen coauthored an article in the Journal of Physiology with collaborators at the Queens Medical Center. The article, “The TRPM7 channel kinase regulates store-operated calcium entry,” describes for the first time the ability of the TRPM7 ion channels in white blood cells to regulate another cellular system that allows calcium to enter cells. These results may help explain how the TRPM7 protein effects the growth and spread of cancer cells, and adds to the rationale for development of new anti-cancer drugs that inhibit TRPM7.

Jan. 24 - Computer Science Instructor Gabriela Artigas, M.S.I.S., will be heading the new Girls Who Code (GWC) chapter on HPU’s downtown campus on Friday afternoons. For more information about our local branch of this nationwide organization, please email the GWC-HPU sponsor, Computer Science Department Chair Dr. Stewart Crawford.

Jan. 19 - HPU alum Andrea Kealoha (M.S. Marine Science '14) has just had a second manuscript from her master’s thesis research accepted for publication in the journal Aquatic Geochemistry. The manuscript is entitled, "Spatiotemporal Assessment of CO2-Carbonic Acid System Dynamics in a Pristine Coral Reef Ecosystem, French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands" and will be available in an upcoming issue.

Nov. 23 - In collaboration with three other researchers, CNCS alum Brianne ”Brie” Maillot (B.S. Mar. Bio. ‘14) has published a paper in the journal MicrobiologyOpen examining several microorganisms that reside in deep seafloor habitats. The research was from the ABYSSLINE Program which has focused its research on biological communities identified as possible sources for mineral nodule mining.

Nov. 22 - Local news outlet KHON2 interviewed Professor of Chemistry and Chemistry/Biochemistry Program Chair, Dr. David Horgen about the new downtown research lab facilities and what it means for the future of HPU and its students.

Nov. 20 - Affiliate Adjunct Faculty member and OI of HPU Finfish Department Director Chad Callan, Ph.D. was featured in “ Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishery: Regulated, Valuable, Sustainable”, a documentary produced by the Big Island Association of Tropical Fishermen. The October/November 2016 edition of Hawaiian Airlines’ in-flight magazine also discussed the success of Dr. Callan and his team in captive breeding Yellow Tang in an article entitled, “Reef Relief: Can captive breeding for the aquarium trade take the pressure off Hawai‘i’s wild fish?”.

Nov. 05 - The CNCS’s Department of Computer Science sent four student teams to the annual Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Pacific Northwest Region’s International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). One of HPU’s teams competed in Division 1 while three competed in Division 2, with all teams being coached by Computer Science faculty Dr. Curt Powley and Dr. Yi Zhu. This year, HPU's Division 1 team won the Hawai'i site competition, ultimately placing 18th out of the 151 teams in the entire Pacific Northwest region. HPU's Division 2 won 3rd, 4th, and 8th places out of the nine teams competing in the division at the Hawai’i site.

Oct. 23 - Dr. Kristi West was interviewed by local television news outlet KHON2 regarding results from a necropsy that was performed on a pregnant dwarf sperm whale found along the Makena shore in Maui.

Oct. 19 - Affiliate Natural Science Faculty member and Executive Director of OI of HPU Shaun Moss, Ph.D. gave a presentation on shrimp breeding at the AquaSG '16 Aquaculture Singapore: Innovation and Investment in Aquaculture conference. Fellow Affiliate Natural Science Faculty and OI of HPU Shrimp Department Director Dustin Moss, Ph.D. was also an invited speaker.

Oct. 14 - An open house was held to celebrate the completion of the new IDeA Network of Biomedical Research (INBRE) Laboratories at the Model Progress building on Fort Street in downtown Honolulu.

Oct. 12 - Dr. Kristi West was featured in a Honolulu Magazine article discussing the effects of toxoplasmosis on marine mammals.

Aug. 02 - HPU’s  'Ohana News This Week features our very own Associate Professor of Biology Catherine Unabia, Ph.D., and spotlights both her BIOL 2170 (Ethnobotany) course as well as the research of one of current her MSMS students and ’13 B.S. Marine Science alum, Cassie Turner, in  Learning through discovery.

Jul. 25 - Our B.S. in Computer Science was recently ranked in College Values Online as one of the top 50 computer science degrees for international students! In good company between Seattle University (#48) and Georgetown University (#46), HPU’s computer science program is modeled after standards set forth by two prominent professional organizations, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Jul. 19 - The Surf Channel recently posted an interview with Dr. Keith Korsmeyer about sharks in Hawaiian waters.

Jun. 23 - Andrea Kealoha (M.S. Marine Science ’14) was awarded NOAA’s highly-competitive 2016 Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship for graduate-level marine research and studies.  Now at Texas A&M University pursuing a doctorate degree in oceanography, Andrea’s research is examining the effects of various environmental parameters on coral reef metabolism at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jun. 13 - Congratulations to chemistry faculty member Dr. Lei Wang, whose research project entitled “Characterizing the 3D Structure of the Activity-Regulated Cytoskeleton-Associated Protein Arc” has been awarded $50,000 from the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Alan M. Krassner Fund.

May 19 - Incoming CNCS Dean, Brenda Jensen, Ph.D., and Affiliate Faculty member, Trisha Kehaulani Watson, Ph.D., were featured as guest speakers in a live panel discussion that explored the issues surrounding marine mammals in captivity. The episode is available in its entirety on the PBS Hawaii Insights website.

May 12 - Two members of the CNCS have been awarded HPU’s prestigious Golden Apple Award for their contributions to the University: our Associate Dean, Dr. Brenda Jensen, was recognized in the category of ‘Distinguished Graduate Teaching by a Full Time Faculty Member’ while Biology faculty member Dr. Kristi West received her award for ‘Excellence in Scholarship’.

May 09 - We’re pleased to announce that Brenda Jensen, Ph.D has officially been selected as the new Dean of the College of Natural and Computational Sciences, and will be assuming the position after Dean Jenkins’ retirement in mid-June.

May 01 - Pam Michael (M.S. Marine Science ’11) has published her second thesis chapter entitled, “Placing Local Aggregations in a Larger-Scale Context: Hierarchical Modeling of Black-Footed Albatross Dispersion” with Dr. Jaime Jahncke from Point Blue Conservation Science and CNCS faculty member, Dr. David Hyrenbach, who was her thesis advisor. Ms. Michael’s research was completed under the auspices of NOAA's Nancy Foster Scholarship.

Apr. 30 - CNCS students Ron Li, Rachel Beal, Tran Dihn, Juleeza Crumpler, Malie Britos, and Julie Bommerlund had the opportunity to present two posters   based on their results from this semester’s BIOL 4041 - Environmental Microbiology Lab course at the American Society for Microbiology-Hawaii Branch meeting. The class was taught by Dr. Carrie Jones, and the students were also mentored by Dr. Catherine Unabia.

Apr. 26 - Congratulations to graduating senior Erik Henze (B.S. Biochemistry ’16) for receiving a 2016 H.Y. Benedict Fellowship from Alpha Chi National Honor Society! Erik has been participating in undergraduate research at HPU for the past two years with Associate Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Yongli Chen, and had the opportunity to present at several scientific conferences during that time. He will begin his graduate studies at Cornell in the fall.

Apr. 15 - An update is now available with the status and reception of OI’s first batch of captive-bred yellow tangs among the aquarium community!

Apr. 03 - Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. David Hyrenbach was the featured speaker at Hanauma Bay's educational outreach seminar series, Sundays at the Bay. His talk was entitled "Monitoring and research of an urban shearwater colony at the Freeman Seabird Preserve."

Mar. 08 - The first batch of captive-bred yellow tangs shipped from the Oceanic Institute at Hawaii Pacific University (OI) to two ornamental fish wholesale distributors on the mainland. Director of Finfish Breeding at OI and CNCS Affiliate Faculty member, Dr. Chad Callan, says proceeds from this first sale will directly support further research to refine the technology for application with other surgeonfish. Read the full article.

Mar. 07 - Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. David Hyrenbach and colleagues co-authored the proceedings of a Society for Conservation Biology special session devoted to ' Geospatial approaches to support pelagic conservation planning and adaptive management' held in Oakland, CA, in July 2012. 

Mar. 01 - Congratulations to Associate Professor of Oceanography Dr. Varis Grundmanis whose outstanding photo of an endangered green sea turtle ( Chelonia mydas) with surgeonfish has been selected for use in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s media for the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress, 1-10 September 2016.

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