Alumnus Simen Staalnacke

Local Culture, Global Influence


Wasting little time after graduating from HPU with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Simen Staalnacke ‘01 and his business partners founded their clothing line Moods of Norway (MoN) in 2003, as a culturally-derived brand with an international twist.

For Staalnacke, living in Hawai‘i and attending Hawai‘i Pacific University’s College of Business were large factors in Moods of Norway. Not only is the company’s tagline “happy clothes for happy people” in alignment with the aloha spirit cultivated in Hawai‘i, but the founders expressed how vintage shopping for Hawaiian shirts inspired them to express the unique style of Norway with international trends.

With two of the company’s founders, Staalnacke and Stefan Dahlkvist (BA) having attended HPU, evidence of their education surfaces in their sustainable business practices. Moods of Norway’s focus on ethical production is part of a larger, industry-informed movement by retailers to rethink the typical line of production. The company is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative to prevent forced, unethical labor and to promote a living wage and safe workplaces among many others.

Together, Staalnacke and his partners are building a brand to rally behind – and doing a great job – their smart, ethical, and contemporary clothing line has reached Norwegian national acclaim with contracts to outfit the Norwegian Olympic team and the Norwegian Airlines staff.


Local Culture, Global Influence