YoungJin Kim Ph.D.

College of Business - Department of Business

Assistant Professor of Accounting


Ph.D. in Accounting at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

M.A. in Financial Economics at Seoul National University

B.A. in Economics at Seoul National University


Dr. Kim joined HPU faculty in August 2019. Previously, he successfully passed the US CPA examination in 2018. His teaching experiences include accounting, taxation and finance courses at various institutions. He is currently teaching Principles of Accounting I and II and Federal Taxation courses at HPU.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Kim utilizes a wide variety of knowledge from his backgrounds in accounting, finance, economics and taxation for his courses. During his classes, he encourages his students to apply the accounting and tax concepts to the real-world situations. He has been to more than thirty countries and participated in summer school and volunteer programs from various institutions in Germany, Russia, Iceland, Lithuania, Kenya, Japan, etc. He speaks Korean, English, Spanish and Portuguese and believes that he can contribute to HPU’s diversity.


Dr. Kim’s research focuses mainly on, but not limited to, managerial accounting and corporate finance. He is interested in the impact of the change in the managerial compensation structure. He is also interested in financial accounting, audit, or tax issues. His publications include:

  • Mo, K., Park, K., & Kim, Y. (2019) Managerial Overconfidence and Labor Investment Efficiency. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal.
  • Mo, K., Park, K., & Kim, Y. (2019) The Role of Institutional Investors in the Sustainable CEO Compensation Structure. Sustainability.
  • Mo, K., Kim, Y., & Park, K. (2019) Chief Executive Officer Inside Debt Holdings and Labor Investment Efficiency. Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies.
  • Mo, K., Park, K., & Kim, Y. (2018) CEO Pension and Selling, General, and Administrative Cost Stickiness. International Journal of Entrepreneurship.
  • Mo, K., Park, K., & Kim, Y. (2018) The Impact of CSR on the Asymmetric Pay-for-performance Sensitivity of CEO Compensation. International Journal of Entrepreneurship.

YoungJin Kim

Assistant Professor

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