Executive Director, Oceanic Institute of HPU, Presents at International Conference on Shrimp Farming

Shaun Moss, Ph.D., Executive Director, Oceanic Institute of Hawai‘i Pacific University, participated in the 12th Philippine National Shrimp Congress held Nov. 20-22 in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, the Philippines. He participated in a panel titled, “Strengthening Synergies towards a Progressive Shrimp Industry of Global Competitive Advantage," and Moss’s  presentation was entitled “The Power of Selective Breeding: Aligning Expectations with Reality.”

His presentation explored the benefits of improving shrimp performance using quantitative and molecular genetic tools but cautioned against unrealistic expectations of using these tools in the face of challenging, uncontrolled environments. Shrimp farmers in the Philippines, like many shrimp farmers worldwide, face serious shrimp disease problems impacting their livelihoods. Selective breeding for disease resistance can help farmers overcome some of these challenges, but the combination of selective breeding, in concert with better farm management, is a more effective approach to improving on-farm production and profitability.  Moss’s presentation draws from the experiences and knowledge developed at OI’s Shrimp Department.   

Moss’s co-panelists presentations included: 

  • Relevant Issues on Biosecurity and Disease Management
    Steve Arce, Kona Bay Marine Resources, Hawaii, USA
  • SPF, SPR, SPT, and APE
    Mati Nitibhon, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co., Thailand
  • Indoor Culture of Polychaete Marphysa ioliolensis in Biosecure Condition
    Mary Anne Mandario, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Philippines
  • Innovative Seaweed Polysaccharides: To Support Sustainable Aquaculture
    Alexandre Veille, Asia Aqua, Indonesia
  • Integrating State-of-the-Art Hatchery Technologies
    Neil Cabigon, Aquatic Phoenix, Philippines