HPU Team Wins Alaka‘i Debate Championship

Tiana Warren and Cyril Rafalovich won the final round of the Saturday, Nov. 2 competition sponsored by local nonprofit the New Institute, arguing against the motion "This house believes that capitalism is a force for good." Four other HPU students made the final round: Branndon Evans, Natalie Thomsen, Chris Albritton, and Kai Glorioso. In addition to winning the championship, HPU swept the speaker awards. Albritton was the top novice speaker. Albritton and Shelby Respicio tied for the third-best speaker overall. Thomsen ranked second-best speaker, and Glorioso was the top speaker at the tournament. 

Pictured from left to right: Branndon Evans, Sam Williamson, Lecturer and Director of the Debate Society Sterling Higa, Samantha Steenhuis, Tiana Warren, Cyril Rafalovich, Kai Glorioso, Natalie Thomsen, Shelby Respicio, Chris Albritton