Social Work Faculty Presents at US Psych Congress

Associate Professor of Social Work Lori Daniels, PhD, LCSW, co-presented with James Boehnlein, MD, MSc, of Oregon Health and Science University and the Portland VA, their collaborative research and insights at the U.S. Psych Congress 2019 on Friday, Oct. 4 in San Diego. Their presentation was entitled “Traumatic Stress Recovery: Psychotherapeutic Interventions Utilizing Patient-Centered, Multicultural, and Developmental Approaches.” 

The objective of Daniels and Boehnlein’s session was to increase provider awareness of how to enhance assessment and psychotherapy addressing symptomatic dilemmas often faced by trauma survivors through clinical case examples of treating war refugees, military sexual assault survivors, group therapy with former prisoners of war, and a life review/traumatic stress group therapy with Vietnam War veterans.