Caught on Camera! The Center for Marine Debris Research was highlighted in REI-sponsored documentary with Pattie Gonia

The Center for Marine Debris Research was filmed and featured in “The Story Behind Everything to Lose,” an REI-sponsored documentary with Pattie Gonia. Our Co-director, Dr. Jennifer Lynch, and several lab members revealed the truth behind plastic pollution and how it impacts our ecosystem.

The Story Behind Everything to Lose is an emotional, impactful, and truthful documentary that Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and the Center for Marine Debris Research were a part of to spread knowledge on the impacts of plastic pollution on our ecosystem. This story reveals ghost nets trapped in Kāne‘ohe Bay which are destroying our coral reefs, how much plastic sea turtles are eating, and so much more! This film also kick started a fundraiser by Pattie Gonia that raised money for CMDR, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Brave Trails, The Children’s Home Project, and Ali Forney Center.

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