You@HPU: Succeed, Thrive and Matter

HPU has a new tool for students that will be an extraordinary asset for students, faculty and staff. The tool, YOU@HPU, is designed to help students Succeed, Thrive and Matter by managing stress, setting goals, promoting happiness and well-being, and connecting to campus resources. 

The YOU portal was made to help students design their ideal college experience. YOU@HPU fosters student success in three domains: Succeed (academics and career); Thrive (physical and mental health); and Matter (purpose, community and social connections). The portal serves up relevant information and campus resources, and content becomes personalized when a student completes brief assessments, fills out a profile, or search for something specific. There also is a built-in function for students to set goals and check them off as they go. 

Anyone with an HPU email address can log in and begin using this tool. A student’s email is encrypted when accessing YOU@HPU. There is no way of tracking individual use or responses, so users can feel safe being honest and exploring sensitive topics. 

We want to encourage the entire campus community to get on and check out YOU@HPU ( While the tool is tailored to students, we believe it can be a valuable resource for our faculty and staff as they work with the student community. Questions can be sent to