Oceanic Institute of HPU (OI of HPU) Finfish Program Director Presents at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA)

OI of HPU Program Director and affiliate faculty Chad Callan, Ph.D., recently gave an invited talk entitled “Don’t try this at home? Taking marine ornamental aquaculture from scientific discovery to commercial feasibility” at MACNA held in Orlando, Florida. At the meeting, OI of HPU also introduced its F2 generation (second generation) cultured yellow tangs, which were a huge hit; see video here

Over the years, many HPU students have been involved with the project. Master of Science in Marine Science graduates Aurora Burgess (’17) and Erin Pereira (’16) did their master’s thesis work on yellow tang. Currently, MSMS student Daniel Thai ( BS ‘17) and undergraduate marine biology major Sydney Brown are part of Callan’s lab. 

Students, if you are interested in getting hands-on experience in marine ornamental aquaculture, volunteer opportunities are available in Dr. Callan’s lab at OI of HPU. Email ccallan@hpu.edu indicating your interest.