Faculty and Undergraduate Research Assistants Survey Native Hawaiians on Hawai‘i Island

Assistant Professor of Political Science Ngoc Phan, Ph.D., with Kupuna in Residence  Lynette Cruz, Ph.D., and undergraduate research assistants Catherine Jara and La‘akea Dedrick were on Hawai‘i Island, recruiting Native Hawaiians from Aug.8-12 and Aug. 16-20. The team travels were funded by the College of Liberal Arts College Scholarly Endeavors Program 2019 grant. 

Excerpts of the Undergraduate Research Assistants’ Reflections:
“The most honoring part of our exchanges was having people from different backgrounds and experiences trust us with their stories. I truly learned how equally important and powerful all of our stories are, including my own.” –Catherine Jara

“Every experience has helped me to become a better researcher and student, and I am grateful for such a unique adventure. Mahalo nui loa to my team for everything and for gearing up with me for the long journey ahead.” –La‘akea Dedrick
The Native Hawaiian Survey is interested in understanding Hawaiian identity and community concerns from Hawaiians in their own words. The research team is still recruiting for the survey and the members will attempt to travel to all the Hawaiian islands until the end of 2019, striving to reach their goal to survey 1,000 Hawaiians. 

To learn more about the research project, the team members and for a link to the survey, go to: https://www.nhsurvey.org

Pictured is Dr. Tran being interviewed by radio station KPOA 93.5 FM about the Native Hawaiian Survey. The station, broadcasting from Maui, set up a temporary site at the base of Maunakea to share with listeners the various activities going on at the mauna.